PVDF Coated Pre-painted Aluminium Coil
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Product Brief

What Is Painted Aluminum Coil
PVDF painted aluminum coil is the most popular new material at present. The stable chemical structure of PVDF enables this coating excellent weather resistance performance, anti-ultraviolet performance, super long durability and anti-corrosion performance, which can maintain very bright and glossy color even serving for 20 years in indoor environment.

We also have PE coated aluminum coil for you.

Types of PVDF Color Coated Aluminum Coil
PVDF coating also can be classified as traditional PVDF and nanometer PVDF coating.

1. Traditional PVDF coating, with KYNAR500 PVDF can keep 15 years no color fading in atrocious weather and environment. Therefore, we recommend this panel for external wall cladding.

2. Nanometer PVDF coating, with nanometer element, has self-cleaning effect, so it is free from the pollution of rain or water.

3. Two types of coated aluminum coils both have many colors: white, black, gold, brown, etc.

color coated aluminum coil



It' s performance is very stable, anti-corrosion, light weight with 30 years coating guarantee, is the most popular new material at present.

Applications of PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Coil

  • Good plasticity, machinability and beautiful color make it an ideal material for a variety of construction material: aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb, fireproof veneer, aluminum ceiling, shutters, roller shutter door, etc.

  • Electronic appliances: computer case, electrical panel

  • Lighting, furniture, solar energy reflector, etc

PVDF Prepainted Aluminum Coil

Technical Parameter

Product name:

PVDF Coated Pre-painted Aluminium Coil

Typical Alloys

Material Status




Typical Products

1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 5052

O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H28, H32, H34, H36, H38



below 12 meters, or in coil

ACP, aluminum curtain wall panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, aluminum ceiling, aluminum roofing, aluminum cans, corrugated aluminum panel, electronic products, etc.

Detail: Color coated aluminum roll (plate) is a green buiding material product with environmental durable and beautiful features. Architect, designer and the owner can realize the personalized color for exterior wall and ceiling. At the same time, it's also the most ideal material for the architectural modeling. Whether it's a multi-functional large building or a new and innovative building, color coated aluminum can always meet the different requirements of modern and classial architectural styles, and make the building colorful. It's durable year is about 30 years.

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