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Product Brief

Blister Foil for Pharmaceuticals

Blister packaging is used by the pharmaceutical industry to address a number of issues, including preservation and freshness of products, safety and user friendliness. Mingtai Al. offers bare aluminum foil raw material for blister packaging applications. Our foils are designed for product protection, opening convenience and consistent high quality. Our customers in the pharmaceutical industry choose our heat seal aluminum foils for blister packaging because these materials are:

●  Moisture Resistant

●  High Quality

●  Durable

●  Long-lasting

●  Cost Effective




Aluminum foil is particularly suitable for blister packs because of its range of mechanical properties. Depending on the alloy and its treatment, aluminum foil can be made more brittle, tougher or more ductile. It can also be combined with other materials like paper or plastics. Most blister packs consist of a preformed plastic tray with an aluminium foil closure manufactured to facilitate the necessary 'push-through' characteristic. A recent development is the all-aluminium blister pack. The cold-formed trays are filled with the medicine in aqueous form and freeze dried into individual tablets, which adopt the shape of the individual alu foil compartment. Blister packing are also used for diagnostic products, ointments, and light sensitive formulations where total barrier performance is required. As product counterfeiting has become an increasingly serious issue, holographic effects are now being used on more and more alu foil blister packs.


The unique barrier provided by aluminium foil makes it an excellent component for packing sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals.


From rolling to ready material storing, Mingtai Al.'s pharmaceutical packaging meets the highest hygiene standards and guarantee the final product will fulfill the strictest specifications. With the use of on-line pinhole detectors we control the entire length of the foil ensuring that our product achieves maximum impermeability.

Especially for aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging, our experience and our extensive technological expertise enable us to offer a product surface suitable for water based primers without applying any chemical treatment.


Our metal for cold forming has been widely proven to guarantee a great formability, while keeping the highest possible barrier.


Quality Certification

- All material is produced according to EN and AA/ASTM standards, or customer's specific requirements.

- Our metallurgical laboratory can offer customers new ideas and technology in order to comply with any specific metallurgical requirements.


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Our company, Mingtai Al. is one of the best aluminium blister foil manufacturers and suppliers in China for its quality products and excellent services. All of the products are made in our professional factory. Welcome to buy the quality aluminum products for sale at reasonable price with us.

Technical Parameter

Henan Mingtai Aluminum Company manufactures a range of hard Aluminium Foil suitable for blister packing of Pharmaceutical Products such as Tablet, Capsules, etc., with the following general specification. The final product specifications are made as per agreed contact with the customers.


TOLERANCE ( +/-8% )

0.020 mm

+/- 0.0016mm

0.025 mm

+/- 0.002 mm

0.030 mm

+/- 0.0024 mm

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