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Market demand large Aluminum Foil Roll For Food Container lunch box promotion prospects are optimistic
In recent years, with the national and social food safety and hygiene requirements more stringent, the public awareness of environmental protection, health habits and civilized consumption habits, for the promotion of "alufoil lunch box" to provide the necessary material basis and public opinion environment. Alu foil lunch box promotion prospects are optimistic about the industry.

Above all, consumer realizes the harm of plastic lunch box gradually. In Our country, "alufoil lunch box" for ordinary people also slightly strange, the market is commonly used or plastic lunch box. This kind of plastic lunch box not only brings harm to human health, but also causes great pollution to the environment. The physical characteristic of plastic eat box is having obvious malpractice when using, when people uses disposable foamed plastic tableware to put on full display the hot food that temperature exceeds 65 degrees Celsius above or boiled water, the poisonous substance contained in this kind of tableware is easy to immerse food. If the concentration of this harmful substance exceeds the limit, the toxicity will be even greater. The research result abroad makes clear, human body absorbs the chemical material in disposable foamed tableware for a long time, will cause harm to liver, kidney. In addition to causing harm to the human body, this "white pollution" also caused great damage to the environment. Discarded plastic lunch boxes not only affect the appearance of the city and the natural landscape, but also form "potential harm" to the ecological environment because it is difficult to degrade.

Aluminum Foil Roll For Food Container

Secondly, the leading role of the government and well-known catering enterprises is very effective in promoting Aluminum Foil Roll For Food Contact lunch boxes. According to introducing, at present in Shanghai, Beijing, shijiazhuang, Qingdao and other cities of schools, hospitals, office canteen, large-scale activities have begun to use alufoil boxes, part of the room, as well as pizza hut and Kentucky Fried chicken, kung fu, xiang park and other catering enterprises have begun to use, is getting ready for the opening of Shanghai Disneyland will also use alufoil boxes, gradually began to expand the domestic market.

In addition, the consumption potential of Aluminum Foil Roll For Food Contact meal boxes is being stimulated. According to the survey, consumers and catering enterprises in large and medium-sized cities are gradually improving the awareness of aluminum foil lunch box, and there is a higher willingness to use, indicating that the market application potential is larger. The gap between China's per capita consumption of alu foil and that of Europe and the United States also reveals that China's al foil consumption has great room for improvement and great potential. It is estimated that there are 500 million middle and high income people in China's total population of 1.372 billion at present. If the consumption of alu foil packaging of this part of the population increases to the current European level of 1.2kg per capita, the demand for Alufoil in China will increase by more than 300,000 tons annually. In addition, in recent years, China's food and beverage takeout industry, and now the packaging utensils used mostly use disposable plastic lunch boxes, if the use of alu foil lunch boxes to promote the market will be further expanded.

Although, the market of alufoil lunch box is slowly improving, but there is a process to become a habit of behavior, I hope alu foil lunch box enterprises should have confidence, but also have patience, in-depth research, to solve the catering industry's diverse personality needs. However, to promote the expansion of the application of alu foil lunch boxes, in addition to enterprises to invest, cultivate the market, but also need to get the support of government departments, social organizations and other parties. Industry insiders suggest that the introduction of al foil meal box use related implementation rules, by manufacturers and associations together to promote green consumption.


Consumers like the value, dependability and versatility of aluminium foil food containers. Unique in the processing and packaging of human and pet foods, they combine all the features needed to deliver high quality fresh, wholesome and quickly accessed products.

Aluminium foil containers stay bright and reflective throughout processing and marketing. They can be embossed, colour lacquered or printed with brand identifying designs and colours both inside and out.

They are suitable for grilling, fan and convection cooking, barbecue griddle and microwave oven and are easy to open, use and dispose of. A range of purpose designed lidding materials is also available–from straightforward foil/board laminates to more sophisticated coated or laminated aluminium foil lids that can be sealed to the container rim yet peel off easily when required.
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Aluminum Foil Roll For Food Contaainer



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free-fumigated woodon box


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