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Honeycomb aluminium foil is widely used in the market at present. It is mainly used in household appliances, lighting industry, transportation industry, such as train, subway train and Ship's carriage, train door etc decoration material. Its completely non-toxic green quality,has an irreplaceable powerful role in industry, manual textile industry, furniture home industry , the application of honeycomb foil can be said to be quite large.

Metal honeycomb is a new type of composite material between metal skeleton and honeycomb hole, which is named because it contains many honeycomb through holes. The aluminium honeycomb core is bonded by multilayer aluminium foil, and then stretched and stretched into a regular honeycomb shape. Because of the special structure of aluminium honeycomb core, it is divided into many closed chamber restrictions. The flow of air in the curtain wall, which is synthesized by it, makes the transmission of heat and sound waves greatly limited, and has good heat insulation, sound insulation, electrical conductivity, heat resistance and anti-corrosion, energy absorption and shock absorption, and heat preservation effect. It has excellent performance: high strength, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. It is the ideal material for aviation, spaceflight, high speed ships, high speed trains and other industries. In the construction industry, it is the first choice of large size curtain wall and luxurious interior decoration for high flame retardancy.

Honeycomb foil 

The role of the honeycomb foil to make the core is to transfer the shear force from the epidermis to the inner layer, so that the two cuticle layers are stable under static and dynamic loads, and the impact energy is absorbed to provide anti destructive properties. aluminium honeycomb have the advantages of high compression modulus, shear strength and light weight. aluminium honeycombs are low in density, usually in 20kg/m³~150kg/m³, with high mechanical properties, so they can be used as sandwich materials for aircraft and high speed trains



The aluminum honeycomb foil market is currently dominated by Mingtai and some small aluminum foil factories in China. The small factories also have a place in the market with low price and flexible business. Mingtai’s honeycomb aluminum foil products are slightly higher than other manufacturers’ products, but high. Quality is the advantage. Some honeycomb manufacturers with their own brands will choose Mingtai’s products for high-end honeycomb foils. Due to the current weak economic situation, the whole market is in a transition period, and all industries are shuffling. The industry is invincible and needs to be protected by high quality. Therefore, Mingtai’s business philosophy is based on the long-term effectiveness of quality service customers.

aluminum honeycomb foil

Technical Parameter

Specification of honeycomb aluminium foil

Honeycomb aluminium foil is mainly composed of 3 xxx, 5 xxx double-side bright aluminium foil




 H18, H19






Roll or Coil Type

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