Jumbo Roll Foil For Food Container Material
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Chemical composition on the microstructure and mechanical properties of aluminium foil stock and rolling have important influence on performance. Different solid solubility of alloying elements in aluminum substrate, solid solubility will change with temperature, and the resulting some compounds will occur at a certain temperature range phase change, to make the change on the mechanical properties of the aluminum alloy, ultimately affect the rolling processing performance. Usually the elongation of pure aluminum is big, easy rolling, but strength is lower, the aluminum foil rolling strip break easily, yield is low, have more Numbers of double zero foil pinhole. Aluminium industry research domestic and foreign scholars in recent years the alloy element selection and performance of the double zero foil quality improvement has done a lot of research work.

Jumbo Roll Foil For Food Container
When it comes to aluminum foil boxes, may everyone will think, aluminum boxes?, in fact, also is our common tin foil boxes, is made of aluminum, such as: 16 powder, grilled fish, silver needle mushroom, using containers are aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil boxes are widely used in foreign countries, the general thickness between 0.03 mm to 0.2 mm, can be divided into is wrinkled and not wrinkle, are made of food grade aluminum cold rolling orHot rolled into a uniform thickness, smooth surface, no pinhole, no dust particles, no smell of the aluminum foil volume, through the special equipment and mould one-time automatic cold stamping production process.


Jumbo Roll Foil For Food Container Material
In the industrial production usually in aluminium alloy elements contained in the main components of quality percentage, classify the four digital method is adopted, it can compare nature to reflect the basic properties of the alloy, also facilitate encoding, memory and computer management. Widely in the world according to the regulation of the national standard ANSIH351-1978, according to the composition of alloy elements contained in the main, the deformation of alu and alu alloy grades four characters are used to indicate that the first group figures show that the alu alloy, the second digit (letter) alloy improved, at the end of two digits identifies different alloy nameplate or in the same series The purity of alu.

Jumbo Roll Foil For Food Container

The price of aluminium is higher than that of carbon steel, but aluminum does not rust and is easily remelted for recycling, making it one of the most recyclable resources on earth. Excellent characteristics of alu for human use 1-3) mainly embodied in the following several aspects: (1) formability, use of forming and comply with appropriate temperature and time of annealing processing, into a soft metal, suitable for a variety of forming, such as aluminium alloy wheel group, POTS and pans, heat exchanger, LED lamps and lanterns, aluminium capacitor shell, aluminum pot, etc.; (2) high strength, the use of alloying smelting, rolling, and heat treatment, it can process products of different hardness levels, for example, used in capacitor and packaging industry 0.006mm thick aluminumfoil, in 0 state (soft state) tensile strength of about 75MPa; (3) Lightweight, the proportion of aluminium is only one third of that of steel; (4) Corrosion resistance, aluminium surface spontaneously formed in the natural environment dense A10, film can effectively prevent strong oxidizing substances to deep oxidation, good corrosion resistance; If the aluminium surface is roughened by chromic acid and coated with organic high marksSurface technology treatment, the corrosion resistance is stronger, can be used in the harsh environment inside and outside the slaughter;

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