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Product Brief

Product introduction

When it comes to 3003 aluminum plate, most of my friends must be familiar with it, but they may not know much about 3M03 aluminum alloy. 3M03 aluminum alloy is 3*** series AL-Mn series alloy. The development and production of new products.

Its production process is supported by SMS cold rolling mills and Yamato flying shears, which can produce aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall and roof panel materials with a length of 15000mm, a width of 2600mm, and a thickness of 0.8-6.0mm.

3M03 Aluminum Sheet

3M03 aluminum alloy product specification information
Thickness 0.8-6.0mm.

Width: within 2600mn, length: within 15000mmk Application: aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall

Highlight 1: The width is 1800-2200mm, and the stock rolls are always in stock.

Highlight 2: 2300-2600mm wide standing ingots, which can be customized and delivered within 15 days

3M03 aluminum alloy has obvious advantages and characteristics
>Light weight, good strength, excellent ductility, easy to process and produce;

>Weldable, excellent fatigue strength, good corrosion resistance;

>Green, low-carbon, environmentally friendly, high recyclable value;



Advantages of 3M03 aluminum plate for aluminum veneer aluminum curtain wall

1.Easy to process: Aluminum alloy has low density, light weight, excellent elongation and strong plasticity, which can meet the different production and processing needs of users;

2.Economical and environmental protection: Aluminum alloy has low cost and high recycling value. It is a low-carbon, green and environmentally friendly new material;

3.Easy to install and maintain: the aluminum veneer aluminum curtain wall has a strong anti-fouling ability and is easy to maintain and clean;

4. Durable: It has excellent corrosion resistance, and its surface is coated with thick fluorocarbon paint, which has excellent weather resistance and can effectively resist ultraviolet rays, making it better to prolong its service life.

Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a professional 3M03 aluminum alloy manufacturer. It has been focusing on aluminum processing for more than 20 years with the heart of a craftsman. At present, it has become one of the top ten aluminum plate and strip enterprises in China, a top 500 private manufacturing enterprise in China, and a listed enterprise. Our product specifications are complete. Spot inventory can also be customized according to the user's time needs, and can be delivered within 15 days of placing an order. The equipment is fully config

Technical Parameter

Alloy Thickness(mm) Width Length Typical Product
3M03 0.8-6.0 2600 15000 aluminum veneer, aluminum curtain wall, roof panel, building decoration materials, etc.

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