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Product Brief

5005 aluminum sheet and plate contains 0.8% magnesium, It has medium strength, good weldability, commonly available in flat rolled aluminum coil, sheet and plate from a wide range of producing mills.

It has medium strength, good weldability, and good corrosion resistance in marine atmospheres. Aluminum 5005 alloy metal is a lean aluminum-magnesium alloy with low density and excellent thermal conductivity. Tempers H116 and H321 can be used in fresh and saltwater.

5005 has only a very small addition of magnesium so is the least strength of 5000 series of alloys.

5005 Aluminum Sheet Plate
The alloy is hardenable to a significant degree by cold working, enabling a series of “H” tempers but again these do not achieve the high strengths of corresponding tempers in other alloys such as 5052 or 5083.

5005 aluminium alloy temper
Alloy 5005 aluminum plate sheet is not hardenable by heat treatment. It can be significantly hardened by cold work (eg by cold rolling) and various “H” tempers are produced – most commonly H32 (¼ Hard) and H34 (½ Hard) – as well as the soft annealed Temper O condition.

The alloy spontaneously age-softens at room temperature immediately after cold work but will eventually reach a stable condition;

5005 alloy is the most commonly used grade of aluminium in aluminium sheet and aluminium plate form.

Mingtai  aluminum is a aluminum 5005 h34 manufacturer and wholesale, we provide h34 aluminum 5005 in flat rolled aluminum coil, sheet and plate.

en5005 grade
5005 aluminum sheet/plate chemical composition (Chemical Composition conforms to Chinese, American, and European standard specification)

5005 aluminum sheet belongs to 5-series Al-Mg alloy, but the content of the main alloy Mg is less than that of other 5-series alloy sheets, so it has a slightly higher corrosion resistance than the 3-series alloy. Among them, the performance of 5005 aluminum alloy is similar to that of 3 series 3003 aluminum alloy, with moderate strength, good fusion, processing, and formability.

Physical properties of 5005 aluminum sheet

Heat Treatment of Aluminium Alloy 5005
Aluminium 5005 is annealed at 345°C, time at temperature and cooling rate are unimportant. Stress relief is rarely required but can be carried out at about 220°C. If loss of strength is of concern, stress relief tests should be conducted.
Mechanical Property Specification  (single values are minima except as noted)

5005 aluminum properties

Tempers H22 and H24 etc may not meet maximum tensile strength and minimum yield strength limits, but if supplied in place of ordered H32 or H34 all limits must be complied with.
* properties for H32 only specified up to 50mm, H34 to 25mm, H36 to 4.0mm, and H38 to 3.2mm thick.
Specialist tempers such as F, H116, H112, and H141 are also possible in 5052 – refer to standards for details.

Minimum Bend Radius for Sheet or Plate thickness “t”

5005 Aluminum Minimum Bend Radius

Recommended minimum bending radius for sheet of thickness given, at 90° to the rolling direction.

These values are recommended but are not guaranteed; the minimum possible bend radius will depend on the type of bending equipment and the tooling and its condition.

Welding Aluminium Alloy 5005
It can attain moderate to high strength by cold working and has relatively high welded strength, workability, and corrosion resistance compared to other aluminum alloy families. Aluminum 5005 is readily machinable and can be welded using TIG and MIG methods. Aluminium must be very dry & clean to avoid contamination & porosity of the weld. Filler metals 1100, 4043, or 4047 are used.

Applications of Aluminium Alloy 5005

Due to its many benefits, Aluminum 5005 is in use in a wide variety of applications and industries including: Roofing & siding materials
Chemical & food equipment
Storage tanks
Home appliances
Sheet-metal work
Electric conductors
High Strength foil
HVAC equipment
Marine grade aluminium 5005 is widely used in ship shells. The form of the hull structure can be divided into three types: horizontal skeleton type, vertical skeleton type, and mixed skeleton type. Aluminum alloy small fishing boats, the main end structure of large ships is usually horizontal skeleton structure. The aluminum alloy materials used on the hull are mainly plates, profiles, and wide-width extruded slabs.

5005 Aluminum Sheet for Curtain Wall
5005 aluminum sheet can be used as high-end wide-format curtain wall material, which has the advantage of excellent anodic oxidation effect compared with the commonly used 3003 aluminum sheet for curtain wall. In addition, 5005 aluminum alloy is light, only one fifth of the marble, one third of the glass curtain wall, and can be perfectly combined with the glass and stone curtain wall material, presenting a fashion, trend, unique modern architectural style. It is worth mentioning that, the cost-effective price, as well as the low maintenance cost in the later period, make the architects more favor to the 5005 aluminum sheet!
5005 Aluminum Sheet Other Usages
Besides, 5005 aluminum sheet is also commonly used for building decoration parts, vehicle interior materials, instrument panel, oxidizing materials, cooking utensils, conductors, and other manufacturing.



5005 properties and additional information:
General Features
5005 is a non-heat treatable alloy with magnesium content. It can be strengthened (hardened) by cold working. It scores well in weld-ability, formability, and corrosion resistance (especially when anodized).

5005 has excellent formability, especially in softer tempers. SAF carriers 5005 H34 temper which is slightly harder and is comparable to 5052 H32 for forming.

5005 alloy is noted for excellent welding characteristics. When 5005 material will be welded and then anodized, SAF recommends a 5356 welding wire for best color uniformity. Weld discoloration can still occur, but it is less severe than other welding alloys.


5005 machinability is generally fairly poor. Soft 5005 tempers machine worse than harder tempers. 5005 H34 and 5005 H38 can be machined, but with much more difficult than many other aluminum alloys.

Technical Parameter

Thickness 0.2-200 for sheet, max 500mm
Width 600-2650mm

– Standard Width and Length: 4〃 x 8〃, 4“ x 4“ , 4 in. x 10 in. aluminum sheet, 5 x 10 aluminum sheet, 48‘ x 96’ aluminum sheet, 1219 * 2438mm, 1220mm x 2440mm aluminum sheet, 1000mm x 2000mm aluminum sheet, 1250mm x 2500mm, 1219 x 2438mm, 1524 x 3048mm, 1500mm x 3000mm aluminum sheet.
– Surface Finish: Mill finish (unless otherwise specified), Color Coated, or Stucco Embossed
– Surface Protection: Paper interleaved, PE/PVC filming (if specified)
– Minimum Order Quantity:8MT
In addition to the commonly used specifications, Tigers Aluminum can also produce 5005 ultra-wide and ultra-thick aluminum plates with internal stress relief and no deformation during cutting, and the width is 2650mm, the thickness is 500mm.

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