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What Is An Aluminum Cup?

Aluminum cup is a cup made of aluminum (or aluminium, in British English). At some pace, it is also referred to as aluminum tumblers, alu cups, aluminum glasses.

There are different types of cups; you can find out glass cups, plastic cups, paper cups, but the best option for your drinking are aluminum cups.

What Material Aluminum Cup Made?
Aluminum cups are usually made with 1070 aluminum which is widely used in aluminum bottles, have great performance on corrosion prevention, recyclable, eco-friendly, 100% comply with food contact regulation of FDA(USA) and LFGB(EU).
Aluminum Cup

What Is Ball Aluminum Cup?

As mentioned, ball aluminum cups are safer cups than plastic cups or bottles. Some ball aluminum cups with lids

This material is approved by the FDA to be a kind of container. And that is because they are recyclable, and the material won’t cause any bad effects on your health, especially when you fill them with water that you will be using for drinking.

What Is The Purpose Of Aluminum Cups?

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Ball Aluminum Solo Cup

Ball aluminum cup vs solo cup can confuse you. Every cup has its solo cup size. In the same way, ball aluminum has a solo cup too. This is their 16 flz cup.

It might be small for you but it is safe to drink and even cook on an aluminum solo cup. It has many uses despite its size, you can even put your food there. And it will remain safe.

Ball Aluminum Cup Sizes
As mentioned, they are available in handheld sizes. The most common is the 16 fl oz aluminum cup followed by the 20 fl oz.

Ball Aluminum Cups Price
If you wonder how much ball aluminum cups cost, it depends on the size and the manufacturer. However, they are affordable.

Where Can I Buy Ball Aluminum Cups
You can buy them at any convenience store near you. Or just search in Google for the “Ball aluminum cups near me.” You can easily find them because they are accessible.

They are also available in our Mingtai factory and can be customized according to your required size. Because you can just have them from anywhere it is important that you watch a ball aluminum review to help you get a better deal.

Ball Aluminum Cup

Ball Recyclable Aluminum Cups
Ball Aluminium cups can be used as disposable cups too. However, they are more known as reusable because that is really their function. After all, it is not nice for recyclable cups to get thrown away when they should be recycled.

For a short answer to the question, if you can reuse a ball of aluminum cups, yes, you can. As long as their shape is still intact they will cause no problem.

Why Are Aluminum Cups Better Than Plastic?
Since people continue to become more environmentally conscious and more health-minded, the use of aluminum cups grows fast. Safer and more durable for the environment than plastic cups, aluminum cups offer a sanitary and safe alternative for beer and other beverages. The chemicals used to make plastic cups, such as BPA come with a cost to your health. Not so with aluminum cups, which are chemical-free and highly durable. One aluminum cup can last for years and take the place of thousands of disposable plastic cups, and these plastic cups will eventually enter our oceans and landfills.



Aluminum beverage packaging - bottles, cans and cups, etc. - is a perfect product for the circular economy, as they can be recycled over and over again without losing their material properties

1. Innovative features make a refreshing difference

Enjoy! Refill! Recycle! 
Fill to enjoy the best in cold-drink refreshments. Hand washes and refills a few times to see the value of the sturdy design. Recycle as you would an aluminum can to make your recycling efforts count.

Superior Cold Drinks
Cool-touch experience brings out the chill in every icy sip.

Unrivaled Strength
Lightweight yet sturdier than single-use plastic cups, so you can enjoy, refill and recycle.

Infinitely Recycleable

Unlike plastic, aluminum recycles over and over without losing quality.

Ball Aluminum Cup

2. Be the host doing the most 
Discover how the new Ball Aluminum Cup delivers a cool-touch experience that brings out the chill in every icy sip. Simply pour your favorite cold drink into the aluminum cup to enjoy the ultimate refreshment.
The Ball Aluminum cup keeps drinks cold, makes cleanup simple, and pays dividends for the environment. They’re durable and affordable, too.

Mingtai is committed to making sure what we make gets recycled – and used again, and again. We call this concept Real Circularity. The Aluminum Cup is just our latest example.
aluminum cup
When you recycle you help reduce the environmental impact of the next can or cup by as much as 80%.

U.S. consumers toss out about 20 billion plastic cups a year. 93% end up in landfills where they can remain for centuries.

That cup in your hand could be a brand-new product in just 60 days

Technical Parameter

The common cup capacity is divided into 600/350/250/180ml. Large-capacity cups are often used in foreign large-scale competitions to hold beer, carbonated drinks, coffee, etc. Small-capacity cups are mainly used in restaurants to replace plastic or paper disposable cups. At present, Mingtai Aluminum recommends 3000 series aluminum alloys as aluminum for cups. Depending on the capacity, the thickness of the product and the depth of stretching are different, and the thickness range is usually between 0.12-0.2MM.

We can not only produce aluminum cups, but also the aluminum material for them.

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