150 tons 1050 H18 Aluminum Coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate to Vietnam Market

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1050 H18 Aluminum Coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate
PS plate is also called a pre-coated photosensitive plate. It refers to the aluminum plate for printing. It is a lithographic printing plate in which a photosensitive resin layer is pre-coated on the aluminum plate and the like by the manufacturer. The PS plate is composed of a photosensitive layer and an aluminum substrate or plate base that plays a supporting role. Due to the very high annual consumption of the PS plate, the number of aluminum plates required is also very high. The aluminum plate is not only its important support but also plays an important role in the performance of the PS plate.
Aluminum Coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate
Case Study
Exciting News comes in July 2020, one of our Vietnment customers placed a new order from our factory for 1050 H18 Aluminum Coil used for PS Plate and CTP Plate with the required sizes of this Vietnam customer includes 0.15*930mm 35 tons; 0.5*1040mm 40 tons; 0.4*1060 25 tons   0.27*1140mm 25 tons; 0.4mm*1230mm 25 tons, etc. 

For the production of 1050 aluminum PS plates, it is required to have sufficient strength, good dimensional viscosity, and flatness, and have a surface state and chemical composition suitable for de-molding. At present, most of the 1050 1070 aluminum alloy rolled PS plates with 0.2-0.28mm thickness are produced with a small amount of 3003 aluminum alloy. The most commonly used alloy is the 1050-H18 state alloy. In addition to being used for printing PS plates, the alloy is also widely used in offset printing plates such as positive PS plates, thermal CTP plates, photosensitive CTP plates, UV-CTP plates, etc.
Because the 1050 PS plate base aluminum strip requires high surface quality and straightness, in order to obtain a high-quality PS plate base strip, a special straightening method must be adopted after cold rolling. In addition, the sand mesh value of the PS version is generally 0.60~0.80μm. To obtain finer mesh, the internal composition of the aluminum edition base is the key, that is, it is related to the content and composition of trace special metals contained in the aluminum alloy.
1050 H18 Aluminum Coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate
High-qualified China aluminum coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate manufacturer
Mingtai Al. is a large-scale 1050 H18 Aluminum Coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate manufacturer among China's aluminum sheet/coil/foil companies! Aluminum 1050 H18 Aluminum Coil for PS Plate and CTP Plate produced by Mingtai Al. has stable performance, accurate purity, standard version, and provides original factory warranty. So far, Mingtai 1050 H18 Aluminum Coil and other products have been exported to Western Europe, West Asia, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, North America, South America, Oceania, and more than 100 countries and regions! Most importantly, the realization of mechanized and large-scale production of Mingtai Al. makes the 1050h18 aluminum coil price more economical, the production cost is 30% less than that of competitors! So, if there are any more interests in our aluminum coil products, welcome to contact us directly:sales@mingtai-al.com

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