72 tons Aluminum Tread Sheet 5052 in UK market

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Mingtai Al. is a leading aluminum treat sheet plate supplier serving diverse industries with a large selection of alloys,thickness and sizes. 
Mingtai’s aluminum tread sheet plate is durable and corrosion-resistant. Available in 5052 aluminum tread sheet, 3003 Tread-Brite as well as 5086 and 6061 alloys, our extensive inventory includes both bright and mill-finished plate, in both embossed and diamond tread forms. Our stock assortment of thicknesses and sizes supports various industries including toolbox, cargo and emergency vehicle manufacturers, among many others.

Aluminum Tread Sheet 5052

Mingtai aluminum tread sheet 5052 is received great repulation by UK Market.

On 5th Aguest, 2020, One customer came from UK sent us an inquiry looking for Aluminum Tread Sheet 5052.
After knowing about the specific sizes to make sure it is within our capacity, then we arranged our professional sales manger who are specialized in this market for many years to be in char of the business, and contact for the price directlly.

One week later, the UK client made an order in our factory for aluminum tread plate, and the sizes are as followings:
5052 h32 aluminum tread plate with 
Aluminum Tread Sheet 5052 with small five bars patterns, 1.8*2000*3700, 48 tons;  1.8X2000X4500mm; 24 tons

aluminum tread sheet

Why choose our Characters of 5052 aluminum tread plate sheet?
5052 aluminum tread plate sheet containing 2.5% mg, 0.25% chromium, usually used in flat rolling coils and plates of various mills. Like all 5000 series of high magnesium alloys, the 5052 has a fairly high strength and can be hardened to a large extent by cold working, enabling the production of a series of "H" states 5052 Aluminum checkered plate sheet also used as a pedal production (also known as inspection board), the main purpose is industrial applications.

Indestructible and resilient despite low weight
5052 marine grade Aluminum tread plate sheet is very resilient to aggressive substances and is therefore considered indestructible. Because of their durability, they are used in many different fields because they do not lose their shape or appearance even after a long time. Whether industrial floors, aircraft, ships and vehicles, or indoor or outdoor staircases, 5052 marine grade Aluminum checkered plate sheet is a popular material, because of its excellent performance, high flexibility and low weight and is recognized. And because of its decorative appearance, often used by designers.

Pattern texture ensures skid proof
During production, the pattern is applied to the plate by forming rolls which are pressed onto the plate with a large force. In doing so, the bottom of the plate remains plain. It is not possible to emboss the aluminium plate subsequently.
5052 aluminum plate sheet
Due to the diagonally finned structure, the plate becomes slip-resistant which is why it is also suitable for use outdoors and in wet areas. In addition to the finned structure, there are many other shapes and patterns which provide the same characteristics.

Depending on the type of plate, 1 to 5 bars are arranged next to each other, forming a checked pattern. It is differentiated between 1 bar(diamond), 2 bar, 3-bar and 5-bar patterns.

Application of 5052 aluminum tread sheet plate
a) 5052 Aluminum tread checkered plate sheet has good skid resistance. So it is usually used in the loading ramps, dock flooring, trench covers, stair treads and even for the car, truck, ambulance and fire truck.
b)It has the decorative function, so it can be used as decoration wall panels, ceilings and cabinet.
c)Because of the anti- corrosion, it can be used in the chemical industry, or in the decoration of the ship and port facilities.

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