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China 8021 battery soft package foil manufacturer and supplier

Mingtai Al. is both a 8021 battery soft package foil manufacturers and supplier with 20 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality. Mingtai Al. can manufacture 8021 battery soft package foil in Korean Market with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers’ need.

Battery soft foil is used in soft lithium batteries, polymer lithium batteries and other types of lithium batteries. B attery soft foil is packing a layer of polymer shell on a liquid lithium ion battery. Soft battery is making aluminum foil (8021 alloy 0.04mm thickness) and plastic film, special glue s tick together, known as aluminum plastic

 battery soft packaging aluminum foils

Why choose 8021 aluminum foil used for battery soft package?

The quality guarantee of 8021 aluminium foil requires us to control from the source. Then, the 8021 aluminium foil without cracks needs to strictly control the shape of the incoming material and make it fully flat. Then during rolling, increase the back tension as much as possible within the allowable range, and reasonably control the injection quantity and position of the cooling lubricant. When double dripping oil, make the drip nozzle open and control the amount of dripping oil.

Secret of No burr, no string layer, no edge warped

In addition to the two common 8021 aluminium defects and solutions mentioned above. After cutting 8021 aluminium foil, there will be thorns of different sizes on the sides, and the phenomenon of 8021 aluminium foil string layer produced by uneven end faces will also be our common problems. In addition, aluminium foil roll with warped edge is also emerging in the market. This requires our aluminum foil supplier to sharpen the blade to a sharp edge during cutting, control the pattern at all times, and keep the details of the lubricant distribution uniform to produce high-quality 8021 aluminium foil roll.

Specification of 8021 battery soft package foil

  • Alloy Temper: 0 Temper
  • Thickness:0.035-0.07mm
  • Strength:85-105 Mpa
  • Elongation:15%-26%
  • Recommend size: 0.035/0.04 *840mm

Mingtai battery soft packaging aluminum foils are mainly 8000 series (8021, 8079) O temper aluminum foil, which has the features of good deep draw effect, good resistance to electrolyte corrosion and high heat-sealing strength after compounding. Mingtai exports 8021 and 8079 battery soft packaging aluminum foils to many countries, such as India, Mexico, Canada, Singapore, etc. and well.

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