80 tons 5754 H111 aluminum plate to Turkey

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5754 H111/H22 aluminum plate demand information
We would like to know your sales condutiona , delivery time and prices; Our request is below ; 1,00*1250*2500 5754 h111 4 tonnes 1,50*1250*2500 5754 h111 8 tonnes 1,50*1500*3000 5754 h111 8 tonnes 2,0*1500*3000 5754 h111 6 tonnes 0,80*1000*2000 1050 h14 2 tonnes 1,00*1000*2000 1050 h14 3 tonnes 1,20 *1250*2500 1050 h14 2 tonnes 1,50*1250*2500 1050 h14 3 tonnes 1,50*1500*3000 1050 h14 2 tonnes 2,00*1500*3000 1050 h14 5 tonnes 2,00*1250*2500 1050 h14 3 tonnes 2,5*1500*3000 1050 h14 3 tonnes 3,00*1000*2000 1050 h143 tonnes

5754 H111 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai
5754 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance especially to seawater and industrially polluted atmospheres such as marine, nuclear, chemical, oil & gas industry applications. It has higher strength than 5251. This high strength makes 5754 highly suited to flooring applications.Please note that mechanical properties shown are for H111 temper.

5754 aluminum plate from Henan mingtai aluminum is far beyond the national standard, moreover, the quality is reliable. With different heat treatment temper, 5754 aluminum alloy sheet is the main material used in automobile manufacturing industry (car doors, molds, seals) and can industry.

Features and Applications of of the 5754 H111 aluminum plate produced by Mingtai
1. Easy coloring in post-processing makes it often use to produce high-end doors and windows. For same area, Al-Mg alloy doors and windows are much lighter than other materials. The 5754 aluminum products which manufactured by Mingtai Al. has excellent performance, and are widely praised in the doors and windows markets in domestic.
2. 5754 aluminum is also suitable for the military industry of domestic, such as fuel tanks of aircraft.
80 tons 5754 H111 aluminum plate to Turkey
How much is 5754 aluminum plate per ton
The price of 5754 aluminum plate will be affected by many factors. If you want to know about the price of one ton of aluminum plate? It depends on where you use it, the thickness and state of the product, and the processing technology of products with different specifications, so the price will be different.

5754 aluminum plate price = aluminum ingot price + processing fee

If you want to know more about the product price, you can click online consultation. Professionals can ask for recommended product specifications in combination with your actual situation, or they can be customized for you.

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