Aluminum Plate for Ship Deck Indonesia

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The ship deck of Indonesia fishing boat is made of 5083 aluminum marine plate. The aluminum plate for ship deck features light weight, corrosion resistance, environmental protection, convenient maintenance and high recycling value.

The ship deck plays an important role in ensuring the strength and unsinkability of the hull, and providing an area for arranging various cabins and mechanical equipment. The deck divides the ship into upper and lower parts. The part above the main deck is collectively called the superstructure; the part below the main deck is called the main hull.
aluminum plate for ship deck
The shipbuilding industry is Indonesia’s pillar industry. One ship manufacturer in Indonesia liked to choose a long-term supplier of marine aluminum sheets. As a big manufacturer of marine aluminum sheets in China, Mingtai Aluminum 5083 aluminum sheets has passed the certification of CCS ,DNV and ABS.

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