Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck Material applied in Mexico Market

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Alloy Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck

Tank truck is a Tank shaped transport vehicle used to transport a variety of liquids, liquefied gases and powdered goods, etc. At present, aluminum plate for tank truck with small proportion, corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, easy to process and other advantages, become the best material for the tank truck body between shuttle cities. Among them, aluminum alloy tank car body is composed of coaming, anti-wave plate, tank mouth and other parts. For the tank body, use 5083 h111 aluminum sheet, or 5454 h32 aluminum sheet, 5454-h111 aluminum sheet, etc. For the canning covers on both sides that need to be bent, the 5083、5454 aluminum sheet that are softer in O temper are used. Similarly, 5454, 5083-O aluminum sheet can also be used in the middle partition (anti-wave plate) part of the tank. Here, Mingtai Al. 's 5083, 5454, 5052, 5754, 5182 aluminum plate for tank truck has been widely applied in practice !

Aluminum Plate for Tank Truck


In just one week, Mingtai Al. successfully signed 50 tons aluminum plate for tank truck material with customers from Mexico! This Mexican customer needs to purchase 5454 O aluminum plate with specification of 6.35*2250*2250 mm, 10 tons, 5454 h32 aluminum sheet with specification of 6.35*1830*6700 mm, 35 tons, and 5454 h32 aluminum sheet with specification of 6.35*762*6700 mm, 5 tons. After receiving the email from the customer, our international business manager makes the quotation quickly and communicates sample matters. The next night, Our manager sent 5-6 emails to the customer to introduce our company's strength and market situation in Mexico, and had an in-depth negotiation with the customer. It is understood that, this customer has been working with Nannan Aluminum for 3-5 years, and has been purchasing aluminum plates. However, he bought some aluminum plates with the Mingtai logo in Mexico, learned that Mingtai Al. also has the same products, and the market price is very favorable, so he expressed his purchase intention to us. After passing the appraisal of the samples we sent, he placed the order and arranged the prepayment to us within one week! This is so exciting !


In fact, Mingtai Al. is a large 5454 aluminum sheet manufacturer integrating scientific research, manufacturing and sales, with three manufacturing plants covering an area of 1.3 million square meters. Here, Mingtai has realized the large-scale, mechanized and customized aluminum plate for tank truck production. Besides, there also are quick response pre-sales consulting team, one-to-one sales support team, professional manufacturing team, butler after-sales service team, to provide global users with a quick and satisfactory 360° one-stop shopping experience! So, If you are interested in our products, don't hesitate to contact us! Come on !

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