Anodizing aluminum sheet 5182 used for mobile phone shell material exported to Vietnam

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Case: Anodizing Aluminum Sheet 5182 for Mobile Phone Shell Material Exported to Vietnam


A mobile phone manufacturing company based in Vietnam is in need of high-quality aluminum sheet material for the production of mobile phone shells. The company has decided to import aluminum sheet 5182 from a supplier in China for its superior properties such as high strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent surface finish.



However, during the production process, the company noticed that the surface of the aluminum sheet 5182 was prone to scratching and scuffing, which would negatively impact the appearance of the finished mobile phone shells.



The supplier in China suggested that the company use anodizing, a process of electrolytically coloring the aluminum sheet, to improve the surface finish and increase the durability of the material.



The company decided to proceed with the anodizing process, which was completed by the supplier in China before exporting the aluminum sheet to Vietnam. The anodized aluminum sheet was then used in the production of mobile phone shells, resulting in a significant improvement in the surface finish and durability of the final product.

 Anodizing aluminum sheet 5182


The anodizing process proved to be a successful solution for the company, as it not only improved the appearance of the mobile phone shells but also increased their durability. This allowed the company to produce mobile phone shells that met the high standards of quality required by

their customers.



Anodizing aluminum sheet 5182 is an effective solution for improving the surface finish and durability of the material, making it suitable for use in mobile phone shell production. The company was able to import the anodized aluminum sheet from China and use it in their production process to produce mobile phone shells that met the high standards of quality required by their customers.

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