China 11 micron 8011 aluminum foil jumbo roll in Korea

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Henan Mingtai China 11 micron aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturers and suppliers

Mingtai Al. is both a China 11 micron aluminum foil jumbo roll manufacturer and supplier with 20 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality. Mingtai Al. can manufacture China 11 micron 8011 aluminum foil jumbo roll in Korea with many alloys and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers’need.

This client comes from South Korea. And the main application of the 11 micron aluminum foil jumbo roll is used for food packaging. Aluminium foil is an important material in laminates and has wide application in food packaging. Its barrier function against the migration of moisture, oxygen and other gases, and volatile aroma, as well as against the impact of light is generally higher than any plastic laminate material. Therefore, aluminium foil is used in the laminates when insufficient barrier properties are the limiting factor for shelf-life stability of food.

Mingtai Al can produce 11 micron aluminum foil jumbo rolls for food packaging with aluminum 8011 alloy/O temper, which is much popular in Korea market. 8011 aluminum Foil is widely used in pharmaceutic packaging, fin stock, PP cap, Food Container, insulation & cable wrap, household foil. As a leading manufacturer, Henan Mingtai can make 8011 aluminum foil in various thickness, width and mill finish with a bright side and a matte side. High quality and best price can bring our customers highest value.

Mingtai aluminum is a professional 11micron aluminum foil jumbo roll 8011 Manufacturers in china, There are Henan Mingtai China 11 micron aluminum foil jumbo roll8011 in Korea to promote the best prices and services for you.

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