China 8021 pharmaceutical foil in Argentina

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Henan Mingtai China 8021pharmaceutical foil manufacturers and suppliers

Mingtai Al. is both a China 8021 pharmaceutical foil manufacturer and supplier with 20 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality. Mingtai Al. can manufacture China 8021 pharmaceutical foil in Argentina with many alloys and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers’need.

With a continued focus on carbon emissions and creating a more sustainable planet, businesses all around the world are seeking new ways to improve their environmental impact.

For the pharmaceutical industry, this has led to initiatives around waste reduction and decreasing the use of power, air or water used on a production line.

But it’s in packaging that pharma must break new ground. When it comes to medication, pharmaceutical packaging is an unavoidable necessity; a vital component of the production process designed to safely transport a drug from producer to patient.

8021pharmaceutical foil

So, 8021-O temper is a popular choice in pharmaceutical packaging industry.

8021 pharmaceutical foil, with one side bright and one side dull for adhesiveness on dull size side and also having length requirement, is a typical product of pharmaceutical grade aluminum alloy used for pharmaceutical packing foil, Mingtai Aluminum manufacture this material with guaranteed chemical components and mechanical properties under a professional production system.

The Highlights of 8021 pharmaceutical foil:

1. Wettability is over Grade A;

2. Erichsen Value is over 7.

The common Specifications of pharmaceutical packaging foil:

Temper: O,

Thickness: 0.02mm-0.068mm

Width: 200-1600mm

Length: 2000m or 4000m

Mingtai aluminum is a professional 8021 pharmaceutical aluminum foil Manufacturers in china, there are Henan Mingtai China China 8021 pharmaceutical foil in Argentina to promote the best prices and services for you. 


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