Mingtai 20 tons of 8021 battery soft package foil order Exported to Japan

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Brief Introduction

Mingtai Al. is both a 8021 battery soft package foil manufacturers and supplier with 20 years experience. So factory price is available. Besides, we use the finest raw material to improve the product quality. Mingtai Al. can manufacture 8021 battery soft package foil in Japan market with many alloy and tempers, and it can be cut to size at customers’ need.


Case Study

The Japan customer of 20 tons of 8021 battery soft package foil order contacted Mingtai through the Internet channel, and we received an email from the customer about the purchase requirements of household aluminum foil. As soon as the lead was received, Mingtai Customer Service Center quickly passed the customer's needs to the business manager. After in-depth communication with the Japan customer, the business manager determined that the customer's purchasing requirements were 8021 battery soft package foil, and the foil temper temper is O state. The product specifications were 0.035/0.040*840*C. A common specifications for battery soft package application, the purchase volume is 20 tons. After learning about Mingtai Aluminum's strength in China and shipments in overseas markets, the customer finally decided to sign the order and pick up the goods three times. After the first pick-up in June 2019, he was satisfied with the product quality and successively raised all Goods, followed by new orders.


Processing Ability

8021 battery soft package foil is so popular in the market, and there are not many manufacturers that can produce it. Due to the disparity in technical strength and product quality of different manufacturers, it is very important to choose reliable manufacturers. Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of 8021 auminum foil. It started in 1997 and has become one of the top ten aluminum sheet and foil companies in China, and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China. There are four main reasons for recommending Mingtai:

Strong strength: Mingtai Aluminum is a large-scale modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing. It is a listed company with a factory area of 1.3 million square meters, more than 5,000 online employees, and multiple processing equipment.

Excellent quality: The 8021 battery soft package foil produced by the company has reliable quality, clean oil removal, fewer pinholes, good product shape, no deformation during cutting, and easy to fall off.

Low price: Mingtai is adjacent to the source of raw materials. It has its own power plant and large-scale production. The cost is 30-80% lower than its peers. The price advantage is obvious.

Good reputation: Mingtai has been focusing on aluminum foil processing for 20 years with the heart of a craftsman. Over the years, it has built a reputation for quality and forged a brand with integrity. At present, Mingtai products have gained international reputation.

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