Mingtai 50 tons of 8011 and 3004 aluminium foil container in the UAE market

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Brief Introduction

Mingtai Aluminum is A professional China aluminum foil container supplier and supplier manufacturer for over 20 years experience. We can supply you the new material which is the most suitable for food container applications with aluminum alloys and temper. Mingtai Al. Can manufacturer 8011 and 3004 aluminium container foil to UAE market with full specification and strength.

Case Study

The UAE customer of 50 tons of aluminum container foil order contacted Mingtai through the Internet channel, and we received an email from the customer about the purchase requirements of container foil 8011 aluminum foil and 3003h24 aluminum foil. As soon as the lead was received, Mingtai Customer Service Center quickly passed the customer's needs to the business manager. After in-depth communication with the UAE customer, the business manager recommend that the customer's purchasing requirements were 8011 aluminum foil and the new 3004 aluminum foil, the hardness is better than 3003 alloy and 8011.

3003 alloy, the tensile strengh is approx 135 mpa

8011 alloy, the tensile strengh is approx 120 mpa

3004 alloy, temper O, the tensile strengh is approx 175 mpa

and the foil temper temper is O state. The product specifications were 0.043 * 825 ; 0.050 * 830  0.050 * 935; 0.080 * 623 ; 0.065 * 593 ; 0.100 * 633 ; 0.075 * 845 ; 0.075 * 830 ; 0.080 * 809 ; 0.090 * 728 ; 0.060 * 807.  Common specifications for food container application, the purchase volume is 50 tons. After learning about Mingtai Aluminum's strength in China and shipments in overseas markets, the customer finally decided to sign the order and pick up the goods three times. After the first pick-up in March 2020, he was satisfied with the product quality and successively raised all Goods, followed by new orders.

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