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Great news from Mingtai aluminum that one of our customers order one contianer of honeycomb aluminium foil to the France market. the contract has been signed and produciton has been arrrnaged, and the honeycomb aluminum foil will be deliveries to the customer at the 15th, April.

At first, the customer has a requirements for Alloy 5006 / H19 - degreased,Strip thickness from 50 to 79 microns,Width - 1000 -0/+2 mm;, by knowing the finnal usage of the aluminum foils, our sales manger recommend the most suitable alloy for him with 3003 aluminum alloy with advantages characters and competitive price.
Mingtai honeycomb aluminium foil
Mingtai 3003 honeycomb aluminium foil is a regular honeycomb shape formed by bonding, laminating, stretching, and unfolding through multiple layers of aluminum foil. It is widely used in the market at present. 
Metal honeycomb is a new type of composite material between metal skeleton and honeycomb hole, which is named because it contains many honeycomb through holes. Mingtai honeycomb aluminium foil is mainly composed of 3 xxx, 5 xxx double-side bright aluminium foil.

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honeycomb aluminium foil
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