Vietnam Market- 40 tons 6061 aluminum sheet contract is singned

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6061Aluminum Sheet is an aluminum sheet product that is very versatile and has a wide range of applications. 6061 Aluminum sheet is made from one of the most widely used heat treatable aluminum alloys. This sheet has excellent corrosion resistance, good workability and good machinability.  6061 sheet applications include a wide variety of products from medical assemblies, aircraft construction to structural components.  6061aluminum sheet has a high strength to weight ratio making it ideal for any application where parts need to be light.
6061 aluminum sheet
Case Study
This is exciting news ! The client from Vietnam purchased  40 tons 6061 aluminum sheet from us ! 
This Vietnam customer has made inquiry in our facoty in Years 2017 for ADC3,ADC5,ADC12,A380 to die-casting which are out of our capcity, but we have kept in contact with each other for al ont time since then. Gladly, In Year, October 17th, this customer sent us message looking for 6061F T2.5*1219*2200 which is in our good quanlity and popularity in our facotry. after negiation with our sales manger, finally, we made an order of 6061 aluminum sheet with the required sizes T2.5*1219*2200, 40 tons in total

Here, 6061 aluminum sheet in our facotry  is generally purchased to meet chemistry requirements rather than physical requirements. For that reason, physical properties are generally not provided unless requested prior to production. Any material can be sent to a third party after production to be tested for physical properties. 6061 aluminum properties include the following:
General Characteristics of 6061 Aluminum:
  • Very high corrosion resistance
  • Excellent formability at temper 0
  • Good formability at grades above 0
  • Machining at temper 0 can be 'gummy'
  • Machining at grades above 0 is fair
6061 aluminum sheet manufacturer
Compared with other aluminum alloys, 6061 aluminum is in great advantages
7075 Aluminum vs. 6061 Aluminum
Because they both contain largely the same alloys, 7075 and 6061 aluminum are often cross-compared as grade options for any given application. But the two aluminum grades have differing composition ratios that make them respectively suitable for different types of production needs.
7075 aluminum contains more zinc than 6061. This makes it more corrosion resistant and strong, but less easily shaped than 6061, which is more malleable, weldable, and versatile. As a result, 7075 is preferable for high stress applications like aerospace or military equipment, while 6061 is useful for crafting particularly shaped parts that face less strenuous wear, like transit infrastructure, stairs, or small water vessels. Analyze the pressures of your project's use environment to make the right aluminum grade choice.

6063 Aluminum vs. 6061 Aluminum
6061 aluminum often draws comparisons with 6063 aluminum, as both grades are commonly used to craft structural parts. While the two are extremely similar and often present negligible differences in application, 6061 provides a notably higher yield strength for parts that need to withstand exceptional force. Regardless of your choice, 6061 or 6063 aluminum will provide your project with high weldability and formability.
6061 Aluminum vs. 5052 Aluminum
 Due to its excellent corrosion resistance, 5052 aluminum offers an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, a smooth surface, good formability, and is widely recognized as the best welding aluminum on the market. Because it does not contain copper, 5052 is also more resistant to corrosion.

6061 aluminum is a magnesium and silicon alloy that provides expanded strength, toughness, and corrosion resistance. The added silicon within 6061 reduces the melting temperature of the metal, however, the combination of magnesium and silicon allow 6061 to be effectively heat treated.

So far, Mingtai 6061 aluminum sheet and other products have been exported to Western Europe, West Asia, Eastern Asia, Southeast Asia, Mid East, North America, South America, Oceania and more than 100 countries and regions ! Most importantly, the realization of mechanized and large-scale production of Mingtai Al. makes the 6061 aluminum sheet price more economical, the production cost is 30% less than that of competitors ! 6061 aluminum sheet plate in Mingtai aluminum facotry are available for sales inn sizes range of 0.2mm-200mm, with width of 500-2600. or custome sizes.So, if you are looking to purchase 6061 aluminum sheet plate manufacturer, please email us on   +86-13298327958(whatsapp/wechat)

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