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1050 aluminum plate belongs to commercially pure wrought family with a purity of 99.5% Aluminium. Except Al, 0.4% of Fe is added to 1050 aluminium plate, thus, it has high electrical conductivity. 1000 series aluminium group offers the best correction resistance compared to any alloy group, so does the 1050 aluminum sheet.

Aluminum alloy 1050 is a popular grade of aluminium for general sheet metal work where moderate strength is required.Aluminium alloy 1050 is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, high ductility and highly reflective finish.

The chemical composition of 1050 aluminum sheet plate:
Aluminum( Al): 99.5%,
Silicon (Si) ≤ 0.25%,
Copper (Cu) ≤ 0.05%,
Magnesium (Mg) ≤ 0.05%,
Zinc (Zn)≤0.05%,
Manganese (Mn)≤0.05%,
Titanium (Ti) ≤ 0.03%,
Vanadium( V) ≤ 0.05%,
Iron (Fe): 0.000-0.400

The mechanical properties of 1050 aluminium sheet:
Tensile strength σb (MPa): 95~125
Conditional yield strength σ0.2 (MPa) ≥75

The heat treatment process of 1050 aluminum sheet plate:

1) Completely annealed: heated 390-430 °C; , the holding time 30 ~ 120min with the material of different thickness; 30 ~ 50 °C / h speed with the furnace to 300 °C, then air cooling.

2) Rapid annealing: Heating 350 ~ 370 °C; the holding time of 30 ~ 120min with the material of different thickness, empty or water-cooled.

3) Quenching and aging: quenching 500-510°C, air cooling; artificial aging 95-105°C for 3h, air cooling; natural aging  120h with room temperature.

1050 aluminum plates for sales

Application of 1050 Aluminum Plate:

The annealing of 1050 aluminum plate sheet includes three kinds: totally annealing, fast annealing as well as quenching and aging. For its characteristics above, 1050 aluminum sheet has a vast application, such as daily goods, lighting applicant, reflective board, decoration, vessels for chemical industry, heat sinks, signs, electronics, lamps, deep draw structures and so on and so forth. All these are demanding excellent resistance to correction and formability, but low strength. So we can get to know the chemical equipments are typical applications of 1050 aluminum plate. Mingtai Al. has been engaged in aluminum deep processing for decades, so mature technology, strict quality control can be realized here. Besides, advanced equipment and mature delivery system guarantee short leading time. Thus, the efficiency can be improved.

1050 Aluminum Plate vs Other Series

Series 1000 aluminum alloy sheet plate are mainly 1050, 1060 and 1100 aluminum sheet. They all belong to pure aluminium sheet, and are non heat-treatable al sheet.

Series 2000 and 7000 al plate are aviation aluminum. The hardness is high, abrasive resistance is great and mechanical property is better.

Series 3000 aluminium sheet plate has the best corrosion resistance ability. Formability , plasticity and weldability are other advantages. Similar with 1050 aluminum sheet, it is non heat-treatable al sheet metal. 3003 aluminum sheet is just the most common representative type of this series.

Series 5000 and series 6000 are more applied for architecture and decorative industries. Among this, 5052 aluminum sheet and 6061 T6 aluminum sheet are the most widely used types.

8011 aluminum plate belongs to other series alloy. We usually use 8011 aluminium sheet as aluminum foil alloy. One most popular application is the bottle cap of can.

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