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1235 aluminum foil for sales; aluminum foil manufacturers
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1235 Aluminium Foil is fairly high aluminum content makes it an excellent alloy for a variety of industrial and food service markets. In the soft temper states, 1235 Aluminium Foil is very malleable allowing for easy workability and formability.The surface of the aluminum foil is clean,smooth. There is no corrosion, empty, folding, brown staining, slotted, add edge, wrinkling, concave and convex, serious color difference.The end surface of the 1235 aluminum foil is clean and tidy,there is no burr,wrong layer, bruising and collapsed.
1235 aluminum foil for sales
Specification of 1235 Aluminum Foil for sales in our Mingtai aluminium foil manufacturers
1. Temper: O,H14,H16,H18
2. Thickness: 0.005 mm-0.1 mm
3. Width: 100 mm-1500 mm
4. Length: Coils
5. MOQ: 5 tons per size
6. ID: 76mm,152mm,408mm,508mm

Application of 1235 Aluminum Foil For sales In Mingtai aluminium foil manufacturers
Aluminum Foil is not only cost-effective but also provides complete food protection. It is unrivaled as a barrier layer, completely excluding light, gases, oil and fat, volatile compounds and water vapor. Aluminium foil is temperature resistant, thermally stable and an extremely good conductor of heat. It is also strong, durable and safe for use in contact with all foodstuffs.

1) Flexible packaging Aluminum Foil Application.
The aluminum content of 1235 aluminum foil is not less than 99.35%, and we can process the thicknessof 0.014-0.2mm. so it is suitable for flexible packing. As we know, flexible packaging aluminum foil , not only have the function of keeping fresh, but also can be printed with various of patterns and letters.Because aluminum foil has light weight, good coating, non-toxic, moisture-proof, shading, heat conduction, high electrical conductivity, good corrosion resistance and beautiful appearance, aluminum foil is widely used in food and beverage packaging, cigarette packaging etc
aluminium foil manufacturers
2) Properties of 1235 aluminum foil used as battery shell foil
The surface of battery aluminum foil 1235  is uniform, clean and smooth, no obvious pores, pits or traces of corrosion; No crease, foil surface spots and bright line rolling defect; No chromatic aberration on the surface; No oil surface, no serious oil smell, no visible staining.
3) Properties of 1235 aluminum foil  for sales as adhesive Foil
1235 adhesive aluminum foil has excellent forming properties, high corrosion resistance, lower strength, good workability and conductivity. It is reliable as food adhesive which do not reqiure high strength.

1xxx series aluminum foil possesses the highest aluminum content, they are the most applied alloy on the market and relatively cheaper. 1235 aluminum foil is with high flexibility, corrosion-resistant, good conductivity of electricity and heat. Mingtai Company can provide you with the best aluminum foil price. Our aluminium foil sheet price is very competitive.

Mingtai Aluminum is one of the professional China aluminium foil manufacturers who can supply 1235 aluminum foil for sales with directl price. It started in 1997 and has become one of the top ten aluminum sheet and foil companies in China, and one of the top 500 private enterprises in China.  We can Export to 1235 aluminum foil for sales to many countries, such as, Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal,Kenya, United Arab Emirates,Korea, Turkey, Egypt and so on. Welcome to your inquiry:sales@mingtai-al.com

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