3003 Aluminum Plate For New Energy Power Battery Case


With the improvement of new energy vehicles and the maturity of the market, consumer acceptance of new energy vehicles continues to rise, new energy vehicle sales also continue to increase. The new energy vehicle battery is the core component of the automobile, its function is particularly important, directly affects the automobile range and the safety and so on.


The aluminum shell of automobile power lithium battery can effectively avoid the damage caused by the welding strong light entering into the frame to the cell and other units, reduce the thermal effect, improve the magnification performance, reduce the internal resistance of the battery, and improve the consistency, increasing the cycle life of the battery, the current power battery shell materials mostly choose3003 aluminum plate, its excellent performance, can better reduce the weight of the car body.

Foundation information for 3003 aluminum plates for new energy power battery cases

Thickness: 0.6-3.0 mm

Chemical composition implementation standard: GB/T3190 -2020

Mechanical properties implementation standard: GB/T3880 -2012

3003 Aluminum Plate For New Energy Power Battery Case

The performance of 3003 aluminum plate for new energy power battery shell is excellent

Power battery shell materials are generally divided into aluminum shell and steel shell, using aluminum has good formability, high temperature corrosion resistance, has good heat transfer and electrical conductivity, corrosion resistance excellent, moderate strength, moreover, the aluminum alloy aluminum power battery shell(outside the shell) can be drawn and formed at one time, and compared with the stainless steel shell, the welding process at the bottom of the box can be omitted, during the welding, there will not be because of the metal elements burn and lead to the quality of weld decline and other problems.

Aluminum density is low, light weight, easy to reduce the weight of the vehicle itself, better reduce the vehicle can be good, improve the new energy vehicle range.

Aluminum alloy is the preferred material for automobile strengthening, can be widely used in car body, engine, wheel hub, new energy power battery shell, battery cover, battery tray, side plate, water-cooled plate, heat sink pieces and other parts, on the background of energy-saving and environmental protection demand and aluminum alloy technology progress, the use of aluminum alloy in automobile is also increasing.


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