3003 aluminum foil price in Nepal


As we all know, 3003 aluminum foil is the most commonly used aluminum foil in the 3 series Al-Mn alloy. Due to the content of the main alloy element Mn, it has better rust resistance, higher strength and excellent stamping effect, so it has become an ideal processing material for multi-cavity lunchl boxes. In addition, the 3003 aluminum foil price is also very competitive compared with other series of alloy foil, high cost performance. You see, Mingtai Al. recently has received good news for an order of 8 tons of 3003 aluminum foil! All this guest from Nepal needs is 0.035mm thickness and 435 mm length 3003-H24 aluminum foil container material!

3003 aluminum foil price

In general, the Mingtai  3003 aluminum foil price consists of two parts,  the average closing price of China Yangtze spot A00 aluminum ingot and the production and processing fee of 3003 aluminum foil. Among them, the aluminum ingot price fluctuates every day, so the 3003 aluminum foil price will be different in different time periods. In China, the Yangtze aluminum ingot is of superior quality, appropriate price and high cost performance, so Mingtai chooses it as the production raw material of 3003 aluminum foil. In addition, Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil production and processing fee is directly priced by Mingtai Al., which is the unified market price. Here, because Mingtai has realized large-scale and mechanized production, and built its own power plants, it has greatly reduced production costs in terms of material resources and manpower. Therefore, Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil price can be lower than competitors overall 30%!


Specifically, due to different specifications, temper and quantities, the 3003 aluminum foil price is also different in the market. But Mingtai Al. offers you a free quote service! Here, obtain Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil price, you can send an email to tell us your desired thickness, width, length, quantity, temper/use to our email address (sales@mingtai-al.com). And also can click the right online customer service dialog box, online chat, get it for free!

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