3004 aluminium sheet roll roofing price


Metal roof panel, the basic material is (aluminum, manganese, magnesium) alloy, grade 3004 (AI Mn Mg), because the 3004 aluminium sheet roll roofing price is 0.7~1.2mm thick, the structure strength is moderate, easy to weld and bend, except for standard connections In addition to technology, vents, entrances and exits, etc., can be welded on site. At the same time, the integrity of the material can be guaranteed under different wind pressures. The standard conforms to the standard of GB3880-97 or ASTM3004, so it is widely used in the maintenance system of the building.

The self-cleaning fluorocarbon aluminium sheet roll is a new product of our company, which is made of imported self-cleaning fluorocarbon paint roller. When the fluorocarbon coating is affected by wind, frost, rain, and snow, under suitable conditions, more decontamination active ingredients will be slowly released inside the coating to restore the cleanness of the surface. Therefore, this self-cleaning effect is Long-term effective.

3004 aluminium sheet roll roofing price

The heat-reflective color-coated aluminium sheet roll is the latest product of our company, which is used to make "cold roof system". The heat-reflective fluorocarbon aluminum plate is made of imported special fluorocarbon paint roller, and the fluorocarbon content is more than 70%. The paint contains special ceramic components, which can effectively reflect the infrared part of the sun while still retaining the absorption of visible light.

Under the same color, the roofing system composed of heat-reflective fluorocarbon color-coated  aluminium sheet roll  can continuously reduce the continuous operating cost of the building's air conditioning, reduce the peak energy demand, and reduce the urban heat island effect.

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