3104-H32 deep drawing aluminum plate-aluminum plate for lamp head material


The aluminum alloy used for the lamp holder mainly includes several common alloy specifications such as 3003 aluminum plate, 3004 aluminum plate, 3104 aluminum plate, 3105 aluminum plate, etc. The material is strong and light, with high hardness. Make the lamps safer and more reliable, and also have natural advantages in heat dissipation.

Specification of  3104 H32 deep drawing aluminum plate for lamp head material

Alloy: 3004

Alloy state: O
Thickness range: 0.2-0.6mm
Width range: as required

Mechanical properties of 3004 aluminum plate
Tensile strength σb (MPa): 150~285
Elongation δ10 (%): 1~16
Annealing temperature: 415℃.
3104-H32 deep drawing aluminum plate

Advantages of 3104 H32 deep drawing aluminum plate
3104 aluminum alloy has good formability and is easy to process;
1)Good corrosion resistance and weldability;
2)High strength and stable performance;
3)High plasticity in annealed state, excellent deep drawability;
4)Good formability, weldability and corrosion resistance;
Aluminum is cheaper and more cost-effective than stainless steel, and aluminum can be recycled and reused.

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aluminum plate for lamp head material

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