3mm 5052 Aluminum Sheet Price


Mingtai 5052 aluminum sheet price is 30% lower than competitors overall ! Among them, the 1.5mm 5052-h32 aluminum sheet price and the 3mm 5052 aluminum sheet price are different. Now, let's get the specific quotation!

High Cost-effective 5052 Aluminum Sheet Price

With more and more aluminum sheet suppliers on the market, the 5052 aluminum sheet price is uneven, which often prevents consumers from making accurate choices. In practical application, 5052 aluminum sheet has high practicability and cost performance. For example, 5052 marine grade aluminum sheet is the best manufacturing material for large marine diesel tanks, unlike 5083 marine aluminum alloy only can go to 65 degree and that seems very low, with good weldability. It is very cost-effective ! So, the 3mm 5052 aluminum sheet is widely used in the construction of equipment and facilities on ships, such as cable Bridges, diesel tanks, chimneys, porthole, ladders, masts, as well as automobile fuel tanks and truck air brake tanks, etc.

3mm 5052 Aluminum Sheet Price of Factory Direct

Henan Mingtai Al. Industry Co.,ltd is a large-scale aluminum plate factory integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales, with 23 years of customized production experience. In addition, Mingtai 3mm 5052 aluminum sheet price overall is 30% lower than competitors! This is due to the direct sales model of Mingtai 5052 aluminum plate suppliers.

In terms of raw material procurement, Mingtai aluminum plate factory greatly reduced the 5052 aluminum sheet price from the source, by virtue of its proximity to the raw material bauxite production area and its own power plant. However, as we all know, the price of raw material aluminum ingot fluctuates daily in the market, so the price of 5052 aluminum sheet is not fixed, but we can inquire the quotation of aluminum ingot on the website, so as to choose the appropriate procurement period.
5052 Aluminum Sheet Price
In terms of processing costs, the processing costs are the most critical factors affecting the two factors of 5052 aluminum sheet price. Most notably, Mingtai Al. has realized large-scale, automation and mechanization of production to a certain extent, saving labor costs and reducing processing costs in general. But specifically, the processing fee of 5052 aluminum sheet in different temper and specifications is different. For example, the 1.5mm 5052-h32 aluminum sheet price is different from the 3mm5052 aluminum sheet price. Therefore, the specific price requires aluminum plate factory for specific quotation.

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In order to provide global users with a better and faster online shopping experience, Mingtai Al. established 7 * 24 * 365 hours online consulting service team. Just click the right online customer service dialog box, or send an email to us, tell us the temper, specifications, quantity you need, our network service team will quickly provide you with a satisfactory option and quotation! So, Come and obtain Mingtai factory sales 3mm 5052 aluminum sheet price !

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