4X8 Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate Price


Embossed aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheets are all over the internet...but what are you really looking to use your diamond plate sheets for? If you are looking to make your garage or a room in your business, or home really pop, or if you need a material that is easy to handle and install, then what you really need is our .025" thick embossed aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheets.

Our sheets of aluminum diamond plate are cheaper, lighter, and more flexible than other 4x8 diamond plate sheets online---and they look great. These diamond plate aluminum sheets look great when used as a wainscoting or wall guard---especially when paired with other colored diamond plate sheets (silver and black are one of our favorites). And because they are so thin, they're much lighter, more affordable, and much easier for anyone to handle and install using simple tools. Easily add a tough, industrial look to any surface with out diamond plat aluminum.

CutsMetal provides custom cut diamond plate sheets in nearly any size up to 4' x 10'. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need any special cuts or large quantity orders. We are happy to provide you with custom cuts and have great discounts on multiple item orders. These silver diamond plate sheets look great, but don't forget to check out our other painted aluminum diamond plate 4x8 products! These 4x8 aluminum tread plate sheets are also available in black, red, gunmetal gray and other colors.
Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate

Aluminum Diamond Plate 4x8 Sheet Price Determination

There is the most accurate accounting of the aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheet price ! Firstly, we first grasp the price structure of 4x8 aluminum checker plate divided into two parts: unit price and total purchase weight. The unit price includes the procurement cost of raw material aluminum ingots, and the production cost of diamond plate 4' x 8'. Here, there is a very clear formula to express, that is, aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheet price= (aluminum ingot price + processing fee) x total weight purchased. Next, let's calculate the exact 4x8 aluminum diamond plate price !

1. Calculate the total weight of purchased diamond plate 4x8. The total weight (in tons) of 4x8 aluminum diamond plate = length (m)× thickness (m)× width (m)× aluminum density (2.71)× number of aluminum sheets.

2. Determine the unit price of diamond plate 4x8 of the required alloy grade. That is, the aluminum ingot price and the factory product processing fees. For aluminum ingot prices can be found on the website, the price is open and transparent. However, for the processing fee of diamond plate 4' x 8' with different grades, different suppliers have different levels of quotation, so it is necessary to consult and compare prices.
4X8 Embossed Aluminum Diamond Plate Price
3. Multiply the total weight of the required 4x8 aluminum diamond plate by the unit price per ton, to get the exact aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheet price !

EXAMPLE: Here, we take 200 pieces 6mm 4' x 8' embossed aluminum diamond plates, which are 4 feet (1.2m) wide and 8 feet (2.4m) length. First, calculate the total weight of diamond plate 4x8: 0.006x1.2x2.4x2.71x200=9.3 tons. Secondly, if the price of aluminum ingots on that day is usd 1,966, and the processing fee of aluminum plate is usd 280 per ton, then the quotation of aluminum plate manufacturer to you is (1966+280)usd /ton x9.3 tons = USD 20,800.

Highly Competitive Aluminum Diamond Plate 4x8 Sheet Price of Mingtai Al.

Most proudly, the Mingtai aluminum diamond plate 4x8 sheet price is highly competitive in the international market, with a 20% discount over competitors! This is attributed to the fact that Mingtai Al., with abundant assets of more than $ 850 million, has realized large-scale and mechanized production to a certain extent, which greatly reduces the processing cost of aluminum tread plate 4x8, thus more profits are transferred to customers! Here, if you are interested in our products, then don’t hesitate to consult us! Just click the right online customer service, can get a free price to your satisfaction! Come on !

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