5052B Aluminum Plate


5052B Aluminum Plate belong to Al-Mg aluminum alloy, where magnesium is the main element inside. This kind of alloy is the most extensively used anti-rust aluminum and it has high strength, extraordinary fatigue resistance, excellent plasticity and corrosion resistance; it is non-heat treatable: it has high plasticity at annealed condition, good plasticity when semi-cold hardening, while low plasticity during cold hardening. It can be polished and has good corrosion resistance, excellent weldability, but poor machinability. Mingtai 5052B Aluminum Plate have been certified by ASTM B209 and our production are all conducted according to international standards.
5052B Aluminum Plate
5052B Aluminum Plate has a thickness range of 8.0-300mm, tensile strength: 200MPa+, yield strength: 120-140MPa, and elongation rate of 16%+. 
5052B Aluminum Plate has good deep processing properties such as milling, cutting, and engraving. It is suitable for mold manufacturing and the production of machined parts. , Excellent surface oxidation and coloring performance.

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