5083 H111 aluminum plate


5083 h111 aluminum plate is a product with medium strength, corrosion resistance and good weldability. It is widely used in all fields from thin plate to thick plate.
5083 h111 aluminum plate performance advantages:
1. High strength and good fatigue performance
2. Good corrosion resistance to marine atmosphere
3. Good weldability

5083 h111 aluminum plate is widely used in marine ships, automobile, aircraft welding parts, subway and light rail, pressure vessels resistant to strict fire prevention (such as liquid tank cars, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated containers), refrigeration devices, drilling equipment, transportation equipment, missile parts, armor, etc

5083 H111 aluminum plate

Application of 5083 aluminum plate
5083 aluminum plate can be used for low temperature storage tank and large spherical tank for LNG transportation

The materials of large spherical tanks used for LNG transportation and transportation, low-temperature storage tanks, and LNG transported by ships at a temperature of minus 162 degrees Celsius, are considered to be a kind of clean energy. The world's largest aluminum plate is widely used in LNG storage tanks. These materials must be resistant to embrittlement at low temperatures, light weight, corrosion resistance and can be used to ensure safety during marine transportation.

5083 aluminum plate is a typical antirust aluminum plate and a commonly used marine aluminum plate. It is widely used in the field of shipbuilding due to its good performance

5083 h111 vs h112
H111 is the attached standard of 5083 aluminum plate. For the attached standard of aluminum alloy, it is generally only the classification standard of different hardness after different heat treatment, which has little relationship with the main model.

5083 the difference between h111 and h112 is only the requirements of physical and mechanical properties, which depends on the required physical properties

H112 is applicable to products with certain characteristics obtained during thermal processing, which have mechanical property requirements.

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