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5083 medium aluminum plate - 6082 medium aluminum plate specification information

Production thickness: 6-25mm
Raw width (mm): 20-2600mm
Growing length: 500-16000mm
Applicable fields: ships, automobiles, construction machinery, pressure vessels, molds, etc.

5083 medium aluminum plate - 6082 medium aluminum plate  Equipment advantage
The processing equipment is relatively complete: the blank coil can be directly processed into slices, which can save the time and cost of intermediate logistics, and can better shorten the production cycle and hidden quality problems in transportation.

High shearing accuracy: the cross-cutting line is equipped with a straightening machine, one for rough straightening and one for fine straightening. After the 18-22mm strip is straightened, the shape of the strip can reach within 1.5mm, and there is no need to correct the shape of the board after the plate is off the machine. .

Strong equipment capability: The strips are sliced thick by cross-shearing and straightening. Through the straightening capability of the new equipment, the sawing can be directly achieved without deformation, the processing procedures are reduced, and the processing cycle is greatly shortened.
5083 medium aluminum plate - 6082 medium aluminum plate
5083 medium aluminum plate - 6082 medium aluminum plate price
From the above content, we can understand that the selected specifications of products under different needs are different, so there will be a certain difference in price. In addition, it also involves the selected manufacturers. Different manufacturers have different brands and different pricing standards. There are also certain differences in process technology, so how much is the specific 5083 medium-thick aluminum plate_6082 medium-thick plate? It is recommended that users consult the actual manufacturer.

5083 medium aluminum plate - 6082 medium aluminum plate Manufacturer Recommendation--Mingtai Aluminum
Henan Mingtai Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of 5083 medium and thick aluminum plate_6082 medium and thick plate. It has specialized production lines, high technical level of equipment, exquisite workmanship, strict selection of materials, and can be customized according to the actual needs of users. It has a number of large-scale production plants. Large production capacity, fast and effective scheduling and delivery, professional sales back-office personnel are responsible for the whole process, and after-sales service is relatively complete, users can purchase with peace of mind and peace of mind

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