5182 aluminum sheet for petroleum tanker


The 5182 aluminum sheet for petroleum tanker is magnesium alloys and representative products of aluminum alloys with medium strength, good corrosion resistance and weldability. 5182 aluminum alloy are widely used in all fields from thin aluminum sheet to thick aluminum plate. The anti-corrosion petroleum tanker body made of aluminum and aluminum alloy has a minimum tank thickness of 5 MM. According to the production experience of Mingtai Aluminum, the tank body thickness of the oil tank truck is mostly 6 and 7 MM, and the material is mostly 5083H111 aluminum plate, 5454 H111 aluminum plate, 5182 H111 aluminum plate, 5754 H111 aluminum plate these aluminum alloys.

aluminum sheet for petroleum tanker

Fuel tank trucks using aluminum sheet for petroleum tanker materials have more safety advantages. This is because aluminum alloy has better plasticity and can absorb the energy generated by collision through deformation without sudden tearing. In addition, The low center of gravity of the aluminum alloy oil tanker makes it easier to brake and safer, and the aluminum sheet for tanker has good conductivity, static electricity is not easy to accumulate, and no sparks are generated, which can effectively eliminate safety hazards.

The use of 5182 aluminum sheet for petroleum tanker materials can reduce the weight of the oil tanker by more than 4 tons, and increase the volume by more than 20%, thereby reducing the weight of the tanker body and increasing the effective load. Reduce fuel consumption and tire wear during transportation, thereby reducing daily operating costs and maintenance costs.

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