5754 H114 five bars aluminum tread plate


The 5754 H114 five bars aluminum tread plate is a typical aluminium checker plate of 5000 series. The temper of H114 refers to the state of an aluminium plate which has been processed from O, HX1, H111 or H112, and it’s a special temper only for aluminium tread plates. The 5754 h114 aluminum plate displays varied mechanical properties from mill finished 5754 plates of the original tempers above. Its hardness and wear resistance get stronger by obtaining a layer of patterns on the surface. In addition, it’s anti-skid and corrosion resistant, especially suitable as a raw material for cladding, flooring and decoration in diverse fields
5754 H114 five bars aluminum tread plate
5754 H114 five bars aluminum tread plate find their applications in building, vehicle and jewelry industries. The building industry takes a fancy to hardness, anti-rust performance, wear resistance and skid-proof property of the plates. 5754 h114 plates can be spotted in shopping malls, metro stations, gyms, hospitals for entrance flooring and wall cladding. In particular, the entrance of doors are floored by the 5754 aluminum tread plate to avoid slipping in rainy days. Entrances for elevators of various places are floored by the plate for the same reason. They have much better performances than either 1000 or 3000 series of aluminium tread plates for the same application scope. 5754 h114 aluminium plates contribute a lot to vehicle flooring as well. In comparison to steel plates, they are lighter and more cost efficiency. Another well-known use of the plate in the vehicle industry lies in tool boxes. Aluminium tread plate tool boxes are beautiful, shock resistant and practical in application. The jewelry industry use 5754 h114 aluminium tread plates to make jewelry cases and boxes. Shiny patterns of the plates set off the luxury of the jewelry inside.
five bars aluminum checker plates
Mingtai Aluminium supplies 5754 H114 five bars aluminum checker plates of 0.8mm to 8.0mm. Surface treatment methods include mill finish, anodizing and color coating. Welcome to contact us for a price!

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