6061 Aluminium Plate for Molds


The manufacturing process known as molding, or moulding, produces various parts by utilizing pliable material that is formed against a rigid form, known as a mold or matrix. With raw material, such as glass, amorphous metals, plastics, fiberglass resin, or rubber, filling the mold cavity, molds themselves can be made from material such as aluminum and even wood.
Aluminum sheets are a versatile, and cost-effective mold making material. Mingtai aluminum offers a wide range of aluminum alloy products for various industrial, manufacturing, and construction applications.

Aluminium Plate for Molds offer the best combination of cost savings and adaptability thanks to its ability to offer close tolerances, tight specifications, and sharp detail, as well as the relative ease of using it to produce parts of various sizes and shapes.
6061 Aluminium Plate for Molds
Aluminium Plate for Molds require the high-strength heat-treatable thick aluminum sheet, which has good mechanical properties and are easy to process. According to the purpose and characteristics of the mold, the aluminum plate also needs to have corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance.

Aluminum Plate for molds are generally based on the 6 series aluminum plates, represented by 6061 aluminum plate for mold and 6082. Because of their excellent characteristics, they can be used for 80% of the products in the mold industry such as the injection molds, blow molds, low pressure molds, rubber molds, etc.

The main alloy element of 6061 aluminum plate are magnesium and silicon, forming Mg2Si. With a certain amount of manganese and chromium, it can neutralize the bad effects of iron; sometimes a small amount of copper or zinc is added to increase the strength of the alloy without significantly reducing its corrosion resistance.
6061 aluminum plate
There are three processing for 6061 aluminum plate: rapid annealing, high temperature annealing and low temperature annealing. In the process of rapid annealing, the heating temperature is 350-410℃, the holding time is between 30~120min according to the aluminum plate thickness and then 6061 aluminum plate will go through air or water cooling.

Why do we use 6061 aluminum plate as mold aluminum sheet? First of all, 6061 aluminum plate has better corrosion resistance and wear resistance. It has good processing performance and excellent welding characteristics.

Secondly, 6061 aluminum plate has good electroplating property, strong corrosion resistance, high toughness and no deformation after processing. It is also a kind of the dense materials without defects.

In addition, Haomei 6061 aluminum plate can also be used as the raw material for the processing and manufacturing of car body parts and tank car body. It can also be used as decorative panels and anti-corrosion panels in construction.

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