6S management of epidemic prevention and control in Mingtai Aluminum


In the face of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, each branch plant in Mingtai Aluminum has grasped the epidemic prevention and control in one hand and the safety in production on the premise of strictly implementing the prevention and control measures. In the prevention and control of epidemic situation, science and technology aluminum foil applies the 6S management mode to the prevention and control of epidemic situation, so that the epidemic prevention measures can be followed by rules, so that both management and epidemic prevention are correct.

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From the beginning of the epidemic, the branch leaders checked the employees who returned to Wuhan and had contact with the employees in Wuhan as soon as possible; tracked and reported the health status of employees on a daily basis; clarified the driving routes of outsiders and vehicles to our employees and the dining areas .



Save energy and reduce consumption, make full use of time-of-use electricity prices to reasonably arrange production.



Clean up


Each workshop is designated to be sterilized twice with 84 at each designated position, and the garbage is cleaned up in time, and a garbage bin for waste mask recovery is set up.





The dining room is lined up at a distance of 1 meter, and one person and one table sit in the same direction. Wash your hands frequently, do not spit, and pay attention to personal hygiene.




Raise the public's awareness of prevention, go to work at two and one line, wear a good mask, and not gather.



Measure the temperature of employees daily, make records, and distribute epidemic prevention materials. Don't spread rumors or believe rumors.

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     Don't infect yourself, don't infect others, don't get infected by others, don't watch others get infected. In the face of the epidemic, we must take it seriously and strictly implement the various control measures formulated by the company. The 6S management work will continue to continue under severe epidemic prevention and control. During epidemic prevention and control, we will continue to raise the team ’s "6S" construction work to a new level, leaving no opportunity for virus transmission. .

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