8011H14 Aluminum Coil Sheet for Ropp Caps


8011H14 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps is among core products of Mingtai. Its high production standard keeps lots of aluminum alloy manufacturers off the market, and only large enterprises like Mingtai have been able to occupy a dominant position in the market.

8011H14 aluminum coil sheet

Mingtai 8011 H14 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps implements the GB/T3880 standard. Its thickness ranges from 0.15mm to 0.27mm with a tolerance of 0.005mm, while its width can be made between 330mm and 1000mm with a tolerance of 1mm. The tensile strength is 150 to 165Mpa and elongation over 2%. The coil sheet boasts fine surface, with no obvious roll patterns, black lines, oil spots, ash, scratches, bright strips or other defects. The ear rate is controlled within 3%. Before being ready for delivery, a sheet has to go through cold rolling, foil rolling annealing to reach the given thickness, annealing, foil rolling and stretch bending. Our workshop is equipped with an “1+4” hot rolling production line of internationally leading technology. We have an integrated plate crown control system of high precision, which greatly improves product quality.
Aluminum Coil Sheet for Ropp Caps
Our 8011 H14 aluminum coil sheet for ropp caps has the following features. First, it meets requirements for various further manufacturing process. It’s suitable for multiple-color printing and other complex processes, which will not influence its excellent sealing effect. Second, it’s an environmental friendly raw material. It has no pollution to bottled products and can even be recycled, withstanding high temperature during sterilizing process for bottled wine, beverage and pharmaceutical products. Third, its surface proves to be so perfect that it reaches A grade in the water brush experiment. Neither is there lines on the cutting surface. Owing to its excellent quality, our 8011 H14 aluminum coil sheet are winning increasing popularity with cap manufacturers for wine, medicine, cosmetics, yogurt and pop cans etc.

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