Aluminium sheet 8011 h14 for pilfer proof caps


Aluminium sheet 8011 h14 for pilfer proof caps can used for deep drawing for closures which is safe and beautiful applied in cosmetics. Aluminum pilfer proof caps can be used safely without gas leakage, liquid leakage and other conditions. The sealing effect is good and the shelf life can be greatly delayed. Aluminum caps are often machined on highly automated lines, so the strength, elongation and dimensional deviation of the raw material aluminum closure sheet 8011 3105 are critical, otherwise cracks or creases can occur during deep drawing.

Aluminium sheet 8011 h14 for pilfer proof caps

Aluminum sheet 8011 H14 alloy cast-rolled production method for the production of aluminum plate for deep-drawing pp caps, the 3105 and 8011 aluminum sheet for pp caps has high tensile strength and deep-drawing performance. In order to overcome the disadvantages of complicated prior art, low yield and high production cost of the hot-rolled production process of the deep-drawn pp cap product. Aluminium sheet 8011 h14 for pilfer proof caps adopt the cast-rolled method according to the production process steps:

aluminium sheet 8011 h14
1) smelting casting and rolling: the 8011 aluminum alloy furnace is melted, after melting, add the sodium refining agent, the sodium-free slag-reducing agent to nitrogen gas and then stirred and mixed, and the slag is poured into the furnace, and then the titanium boron refining agent is added, the aluminum molten liquid is introduced into the casting mill for casting and rolling, and is rolled into an aluminum sheet roll; 2) cold-rolled the aluminum billet roll; 3) Annealing.

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