Aluminum Foil for Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes


With the increasing importance of lithium ion batteries we start to see them in electronic devices that we use everyday like laptop computers and cellular phones.

There are many components to obtain the best performance from lithium ion batteries and one of these components is current collectors.
Current collectors must be electrochemically stable when they are in contact with the cell components during the operation. Here it is very important to ensure battery performance and safety. So it is very important to form a thick and compact, protective film on the metal surface of the battery. Because the corrosion of the film of the battery may result in a short-circuit and this is an unsecured situation for all of us.
Aluminum Foil for Lithium-ion Battery Cathodes
Aluminum foils as cathode materials in lithium ion batteries are a good candidates for current collectors because it has some advantages for being used. Aluminum has lower specific gravity, lower electrical resistivity and higher heat conductivity. Also, aluminum does not dissolve in high action potential levels in non-aqueous electrolyte solutions such as in lithium-ion batteries. These properties makes aluminum a good choice to be used as cathode collector in lithium ion batteries. With these properties porous aluminum also can help the weight reduction of component materials, and improvement of heat transfer and performance quality of lithium ion batteries.

There are some options to improve the properties of aluminum foil. Recently, aluminum foils with coated by carbon is started to use in lithium ion batteries. This foil can reduce overall charge transfer resistance and improve adhesion at the active layer/current collector interface, and also prevent Al corrosion caused by organic electrolyte and even alkaline slurry. 

Foil’s lithium-ion battery aluminum foil is the result of research and development integrated with upstream processes. The foil is produced utilizing optimal base aluminum alloys for lithium-ion batteries, with rolling technologies precise to within ±0.5μm.
Our high-quality aluminum foil is free from shape defects and is produced in cleanroom environments. Used in the lithium-ion battery cathodes of numerous automobile manufacturers both in Japan and worldwide, our cathode foil boasts a world-leading market share.

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