Aluminum foil for food-new environmental protection packaging


Advantages of aluminum foil for food

Aluminum foil for food is generally used for baking, grilling, etc., In order to facilitate carrying, these foods all use disposable packaging materials. There are many kinds of disposable food packaging materials, such as:

Paper packaging, the use of paper packaging materials, although recyclable, but some of the food with soup is easy to spill, and not keep warm.

Plastic packaging. Although this type of packaging is not easy to leak, it is not recyclable and is not good for environmental protection.Like paper packaging, it also no insulation effect.

Glass packaging has good sealing performance and can also be reused. but the disadvantage is that it is fragile, bulky, and inconvenient to carry. It's not very insulated.

The last is Alu foil packaging,follow the editor to understand the advantages of aluminum foil packaging:

1.Aluminum foil for food is non-toxic and tasteless, which is used to package food without affecting the taste of food itself.

2.Good sealing, combined with desiccative in food packaging sealed, food preservation time is longer.

3.It is light tight and can be used to pack some food that needs to be kept away from light.

4.The heat preservation effect is excellent, used for take-out food, will not affect the food consumption temperature.

5.Aluminum is recyclable metal, the aluminum foil packaging after use belongs to recyclable metal, which can be directly put into use after recycling and reprocessing.

 Aluminum foil for food

Some questions and answer about aluminum foil

1.Can aluminum foil paper be put in the microwave oven / oven?

The answer is that you can put it in the oven, but you can’t put it in the microwave oven. Because the microwave oven will spark with metal when it is heated, and it is easy to be dangerous, which damages the microwave oven and cannot heat food. It's different when it's put in the oven. Aluminum foil can be spread under the food to prevent oil stains from permeating, and to avoid food scorching.It is also good for cleaning the oven and does not cause danger.

2. The difference between Alu foil and tin paper

Many people can't distinguish between aluminum foil paper and tin foil paper. In fact, the biggest difference between them is the melting point.The melting point of aluminum foil is 660 ° C, the boiling point is 2327 ° C. It can form an oxide film to prevent metal corrosion in humid air. Tin has a melting point of 231.89 ° C and a boiling point of 2260 ° C. Aluminum foil has a higher melting point and is more suitable for grilling and baking.

3.Use aluminum foil paper to bake / package food, which side is up?

On both sides of the aluminum foil, one side is shiny and the other is matte. Generally speaking, either side can be used to wrap the food. But in order to heat the food faster, the bright side can be used, the heat conduction efficiency of the aluminum foil can be improved.

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