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5 Major Class Certificate of Mingtai Marine Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

Marine aluminum sheet suppliers very much appreciate the supply of marine grade aluminum sheet! In fact, aluminum alloys have been used in shipping building industry for nearly a hundred years. And marine aluminum plate has been very mature in small specific gravity, low fuel consumption, higher speed, unique modeling and other functions. Here, it is worth mentioning that Mingtai marine aluminum sheet suppliers have taken the lead in obtaining BV, LR, DNV, ABS, CCS international authoritative classification certificates! Mingtai marine aluminum sheets have been successfully applied to shipbuilding, and has been highly praised by the shipbuilding market in Southeast Asia, such as Philippines, Myanmar, Vietnam, North America and other regions!

Marine Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

Alloy and Corresponding Use of Mingtai Marine Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

Here, marine aluminum plate produced by Mingtai marine aluminum sheet suppliers, with representative products of 5083/5086/5052 aluminum sheet, has successfully entered the world shipbuilding market, It’s widely used in the manufacture of decks, engine benches, ship sides, bottom outer panels, etc., and is suitable for various hulls such as yachts, grain carriers, fishing boats, work boats, and sand carriers... ...

Among them, 5083 aluminum sheet is the most purchased by shipbuilders from Mingtai marine aluminum sheet suppliers. Commonly used temper includes H321, H116, H111, etc. The thickness is mostly 4-12mm, and the common lengths are 2000 * 6000mm, 1500 * 6000mm, 2000 * 8000mm, etc.

For 5052 aluminum sheet, compared with 5083 aluminum sheet, its strength is lower. In shipbuilding, it is mostly used on small ships and ship parts, such as cable trays on ships.

Secondly, 5086 aluminum sheet is also a marine grade aluminum sheet with high application in shipbuilding. Here, There is exciting news, Mingtai marine aluminum sheet suppliers are signing orders for more than 60 tons of 5086 marine aluminum sheet! Specification is 1500 * 3000mm, sent to Brazil!

5083 aluminum sheet

Strong Strength Mingtai Marine Aluminum Sheet Suppliers

In fact, Mingtai marine aluminum sheet suppliers are the first large aluminum sheet manufacturers in China to enter the international market. Mingtai Al. have Zhengzhou Mingtai, Gongyi Mingtai and Xingyang Mingtai, 3 major aluminum sheet suppliers covering an area of 1.3 million square meters. And has offices in Kunshan, Dongguan, Chongqing, Vietnam, South Korea and other regions. Here, not only can we purchase superior-quality marine aluminum sheet , but the price of Mingtai marine aluminum sheet is also very competitive! It’s due to Mingtai marine aluminum sheet suppliers is adjacent to bauxite resources, and has achieved large-scale, mechanized production, making the price lower than competitors' 30%! So, don't hesitate to send an email or click the customer service dialog on the right, to tell us your specifications, quatity and other needs. We will provide you with a satisfactory purchase plan and quote! Come on!

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