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Compared with 8011 aluminium foil, 3003 aluminium foil is the most promising aluminum foil alloys in Mingtai aluminum foil factory with excellent anti-rust properties and moderate strength. And the common thickness is from 0.03-0.2mm, and the width is up to 1600mm.

3003 aluminium foil

Aluminium container foil is a kind of aluminum foil used for making food container. Aluminium container foil plays a dominant role in the aluminum foil market, so there are many friends want to buy food container use 3003 aluminum foil. The commonly used alloy and tempers of 3003 aluminum foil for container use are: 3003-H24, 3003-H22, 3003-H18, 3003-O. The aluminium  container are used for processing the lunch boxes, heating dishes, barbecue trays, aluminum foil bowls, cake trays, food packaging boxes in our daily life.

The 3003 aluminum foil for container have the advantage of facilitating heating as well as refrigeration, freezing and fresh food preservation. The aluminum container foil is specially used for making various aluminum foil containers, such as airline lunch box, because of its light weight and recyclability, it is widely used. The aluminum foil for food container use supplied by Mingtai aluminum has stable quality, excellent performance, clean surface and high precision.

 aluminium foil for aluminium container

The specification range of the buy 3003 aluminum foil for food container use are:

Thickness (mm): 0.01-0.2

Width (mm): 100-600

Alloy: 011-H24, 8011-H22, 8011-H18, 8011-O, 3003-H24, 3003-H22, 3003-H18, 3003-O.

Die inner diameter:(mm) 75/76.2 150/152.4

Aluminum foil roll maximum outer diameter: (mm) 700

Application area: After being punched into a food packaging container for aviation lunch boxes and household use.


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