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6061 aluminum sheet is one of the most widely applied aluminum alloy in various industries. Boasting excellent weight advantage and corrosion resistance, it can be used in automobile bodies, cake molds etc. Generally there are three tempers in its production: T6, F and O.
6061 aluminum sheet
6061 aluminum alloy Properties

Annealed 6061 aluminum alloy (6061-O temper) has maximum tensile strength no more than 120 MPa (18,000 psi), and maximum yield strength no more than 55 MPa (8,000 psi). The material has elongation (stretch before ultimate failure) of 25–30%.

T4 temper 6061 alloy has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 210 MPa (30,000 psi) and yield strength of at least 110 MPa (16,000 psi). It has elongation of 16%.


T6 temper aluminum alloy 6061 has an ultimate tensile strength of at least 290 MPa (42,000 psi) and yield strength of at least 240 MPa (35,000 psi). More typical values are 310 MPa (45 ksi) and 270 MPa (39 ksi), respectively. In thicknesses of 6.35 mm (0.250 in) or less, it has elongation of 8% or more; in thicker sections, it has elongation of 10%. T651 temper has similar mechanical properties. The typical value for thermal conductivity for 6061-T6 at 25 °C (77 °F) is around 152 W/m K. A material data Aluminum sheet defines the fatigue limit under cyclic load as 97 MPa (14,000 psi) for 500,000,000 completely reversed cycles using a standard RR Moore test machine and specimen. Note that aluminium does not exhibit a well defined "knee" on its S-n graph, so there is some debate as to how many cycles equates to "infinite life". Also note the actual value of fatigue limit for an application can be dramatically affected by the conventional de-rating factors of loading, gradient, and surface finish.

Performance advantage:

1, 6061 aluminum sheet has excellent processing performance, good corrosion resistance, high toughness and deformation after processing, easy coating, good oxidation effect and other excellent features, after annealing can still maintain a good operability. In particular, the tendency of non stress corrosion cracking, good weldability, good cold workability
2, Advanced equipment 3000T tensile machine, according to process requirements, 1.0%--3.0% on the plate within the stipulated time of permanent tensile plastic deformation, the elastic deformation to plastic deformation, to eliminate the residual stress after quenching, ensure product deformation in machining
3, In the process of customer cooperation Mingtai aluminum summed up the customer's specific requirements for the 6061 aluminum sheet :
(1) the required thickness tolerance is small (usually positive).
(2) hardness should be up to (above HB).
(3) the deformation after processing is small.
(4) smoothness is better.
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General factory calculates aluminium sheet plate price steps:

1. The volume of the purchased aluminium sheet should be confirmed first, that is to say, the thickness, width and length of the aluminium sheet should be known, and the basic unit of calculation should be meters.

2. Calculate the exact price of this type of aluminium sheet per ton: the price of aluminium ingot on the same day + the processing cost of the product of the manufacturer

3. Calculate the total weight of aluminium plate. Total weight of aluminium sheet (unit: ton) = length x thickness x width x density of aluminium sheet (2.7) * number of sheets of aluminium sheet

4. Multiply the total weight of aluminium sheet by the aluminium sheet price per kg, which is the quotation of this aluminum products.

We take 100 pieces of 90 mm thick, 70 mm wide and 2500 mm long aluminium sheets as an example. First we calculate the weight of the product: 0.09 x 0.07 x 2.5 x 2.7 x 100 = 4.2525 tons.

If the aluminium ingot price on that day is 19 500 yuan/ton and the processing fee of aluminium plate manufacturer is 6 000 yuan per ton, then the quotation given by aluminium plate manufacturer is (19500+6 000)*4.2525=108 438.7 yuan, which is equal to about 108,000 yuan.

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