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The household aluminium foil is a relatively new product in China market, and no industrial standards or rules have been formed actually. This makes it easier for some manufacturers to play games in various ways such as applying excessive amount of paper, offering superior aluminium foil rolls at a high price and so on. If you want to buy household aluminium foil from China, here are some practical tips in choosing right products.

Professional household aluminium foil suppliers package their products with delicate materials of special design which includes the trademark, factory name, factory address, phone number, using method, matters need attention, gross weight and specification. These are basic elements on a normal package.

household aluminum foil suppliers


Superior aluminium foil rolls are as bright as a mirror on the front side and foggy yet clean on the back side. Inferior rolls are duller.



You can just open a package and check a piece of roll of at least 30cm long. If there is white-green color on the surface, the aluminium foil has been oxidized, and the color is that of oxide aluminium.


Inner Core and Weight

Some suppliers would play a trick by using thicker and larger inner cores to reduce the real weight of aluminium foil paper, which is easy to be found out. Most of the time, they lose a customer forever, for you can simply weigh the weight of the foil roll.



Professional household aluminium foil suppliers have certificates to prove their quality, and ask for them whenever possible.


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