High Precision Aluminium Plate 6061


1、6061 Precision Aluminum Plate Chemical Composition














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High Precision Aluminium Plate 6061

2.6061 Aluminum Mechanical Properties

6061 Aluminum Mechanical Properties

3. 6061 Precision Aluminum Plate Size

Alloy: 6061

Temper: O, T4, T451, T42, T6,T651,T62
Stretching capacity: 300000m2, supposed width is 2000mm, then the maximum thickness is 150mm.
Thickness: 0.1mm--500mm
With: 500mm--3000mm
Length: 1000mm--12000mm
Surface: Mill finish, Bright finish, paper interleaved, one side film, both sides film.

4.6061 aluminum plate for sale

1) 6061 aluminum plate 1/2" 

6061 aluminum plate 1/2" has very good flatness and thickness tolerance. The production process of Mingtai aluminum 1/2" 6061 aluminum plate is strictly controlled by professional technicians, and the quality of 1/2" 6061 aluminum plate is inspected by professional quality inspection department, so there will be professional quality inspection certificate before leaving the factory, so as to ensure that the delivered products reach the high quality level.

6061 aluminum plate 1/2"

2) 1/4 6061 aluminum plate

The more advanced cold rolling mill can roll extra thin or thick foil with a thickness of 0.1mm-0.2mm. 1/4 6061 aluminum plate needs to be produced by cold rolling process. Compared with cold rolling, the aluminum plate produced by cold rolling has more accurate size, more uniform thickness, good flatness and surface gloss. At the same time, it can also ensure that 1/4 6061 aluminum plate has good microstructure and performance and high surface quality.

1/4 6061 aluminum plate

3)  3/8 6061 aluminum plate

3/8 6061 aluminum plate has many excellent properties, such as high process, good oxidation effect, small deformation after processing, uniform quenching and so on. Therefore, it has a very high voice of support in the market. The mold can use 3/8 6061 aluminum plate. In a word, users are more concerned about its price. Many in the market provide the price of 3/8 6061 aluminum plate, which can be divided into high and low prices. If you want to buy high-quality and low-cost products, it is particularly important to choose a good factory! It is learned from the market that the price of 3/8 6061 aluminum plate given by some manufacturers is very low. At this time, we must understand the nature of the manufacturer. If it is a large direct selling manufacturer, the general price should be relatively affordable. At this time, users try to choose large manufacturers

3/8 6061 aluminum plate

4) 3/4 6061 aluminum plate

3/4 6061 aluminum plate has good plasticity, weldability, excellent corrosion resistance, high cleanliness and good shape. 6061 aluminum plate can be used in automobile, such as machine cover, roof, door, front beam, automobile bumper, automobile seat, front and rear leaf plate, backup cover, etc. At present, the use of 6061 aluminum plate in automobile is increasing year by year. The body is basically made of aluminum alloy, and the specific body sheet metal parts are made of 6061 aluminum plate.

3/4 6061 aluminum plate

5) 6061-t651 aluminum plate

Mingtai Alloy 6061 t651 aluminum plate is produced and certified in accordance with ASTM B209 and ASME sb209. Its excellent machinability, weldability and high strength set the industry standard for versatility with wide application and end use.

6061-t651 aluminum plate
Stability and consistency are an integral part of the quality of 6061 t651 aluminum plate. Mingtai aluminum proprietary chemical, casting and production technologies provide excellent one-piece stability and consistency. High stability and consistency reduce warpage and movement during sawing and machining.

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