Mingtai Aluminum fighting against epidemic situation


As a contributor to the regional economy, Mingtai Aluminum is particularly important at this moment, and it is irresistible to resume production and work in full swing. During the epidemic, the company actively prepared for internal warfare, purchased epidemic prevention materials, and formulated prevention and control measures; the outside was riding on the spring breeze of the government's "three get one free"-won the "Gongyi City New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group Enterprise Rework Group issued the The "Three Strong One, One Free" activity focused on guaranteeing the publicity of production units, which provided a strong guarantee for enterprises to resume work and resume production quickly.

Mingtai Aluminum

Three get one free

"Three get one free" means: Sending policies, services, and elements, with strong confidence. The introduction of this activity is to publicize and interpret favorable policies for enterprises, coordinate relevant departments to solve the problem of resuming production and restarting the enterprise, and ensure that the benefit enterprise policy is fully implemented. Accurate implementation and effective results will guide enterprises to strengthen their confidence in development, stimulate the endogenous driving force for enterprise development, and provide a powerful guarantee for enterprises to resume work and resume production as soon as possible.

 Next, Mingtai Aluminum will deeply understand and actively participate in the various beneficial enterprise policies in the "Three Strong One, One Free" activity. Combining with the company's own situation, it will grasp the epidemic prevention and control work in one hand, and promote the steady and healthy development of the company's production. Regional economic growth and greater contribution to social development.

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