Mingtai Aluminum try our best to provide logistical support during the epidemic period


"The soldiers and horses haven't moved, the grain and the grass first" has been the way of war since ancient times. If the epidemic situation is compared to a battle, then the logistical support is an important part of the epidemic prevention period. After the epidemic occurred, restaurant employees took the brunt of the epidemic, carried forward the spirit of not fearing hardships and being tired, and spared no effort to provide the best guarantee for employees' daily diet. 

Then How does Mingtai Aluminum respond to the epidemic protection?

Epidemic protection, strict control

Take regular temperature measurements before work and wear mask gloves and hats throughout the work. After every lunch time, We will disinfect the kitchen and restaurant tables and chairs thoroughly , including door handles and taps. Ventilate in the morning and afternoon every day to ensure hygiene in the restaurant without leaving dead ends. These little details exude huge energy, guarding everyone in Mingtai Aluminum factory.

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Supply of ingredients to ensure safety

During the epidemic, some ingredients were in short supply, and restaurant staff communicated with suppliers in a timely manner to ensure uninterrupted supply of raw materials. In addition, the restaurant strictly controls the quality of raw material procurement, eliminates food hygiene problems from the source, and ensures that the purchased ingredients are qualified and fresh.

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Reasonable mix and balanced nutrition

In order ensure the quality of our food quality during the epidemic, Mingtai restaurant chefs research recipes and start with nutritional matching to increase the amount of fungi, garlic, carrots and other ingredients to help employees enhance immunity. A reasonable mix and balanced nutrition can make employees feel at ease and comfortable.

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In this battlefield where the smoke of smoke cannot be seen, the company's logistics support personnel stood on the front line of the company's epidemic prevention and actively fulfilled their responsibilities. I believe that in the near future, the trumpets of victory and the spring breeze will blow all over the country.

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