Properties of Aluminum Blister Foil


The commonly used aluminum blister foil are generally 8011, 8021 and 1235. They are generally with O temper while 8011 is usually in the H18 temper. It is only ens of microns thick. The finished product is usually above 300 mm and the thickness tolerance is not more than 5%. What are the pharmaceutical aluminum foil properties? Let’s have a look together.

1. Barrier

It refers to the barrier properties of water vapor and oxygen in the environment. The poor barrier properties caused by the defects of aluminum foil itself will cause the medicine’s quality problem during the shelf life.

2. Heat sealing performance

It is verified by the heat sealing strength test. If the heat sealing strength of the blister package is poor, the sealing effect of the medicine will be poor, causing gas to easily enter the blister from the poor heat sealing place, which cause the deliquescence and oxidation of the medicine.
Aluminum Blister Foil
3. The adhesion fastness of the protective layer

It is verified by the adhesion test of the protective layer. It is to prevent the ink layer from being rubbed or the aluminum foil being oxidized after the protective layer falls off.

4. Heat resistance of protective layer

It is verified by the heat resistance test of the protective layer. If the heat resistance of the protective layer is poor, it is easy to fall off during the heating process such as the heat sealing process.

5. Sanitary performance

Volatile content: It is verified by volatile test to prevent the total volatile content from being too large that will contaminate the drug after packaging the drug. Mingtai aluminum blister foil has passed all the needed test. Welcome to leave message below to inquire the latest price for we have complete pharmaceutical aluminum foil specification.

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