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3003 aluminum foil is an AL-Mn series alloy.It is a rust-proof aluminum foil with a wide range of applications, but it is not strong enough and cannot be strengthened by heat treatment. Therefore, the cold working method is adopted to improve its mechanical properties. It is necessary to have good forming performance, high corrosion resistance and good weldability for machining parts. The specific production process of 3003 aluminum foil is: melting casting-soaking-hot rolling-pre-annealing-cold rolling-intermediate annealing-cold rolling-foil rolling-slitting-performance testing-packaging. The produced aluminum foil has good formability, adhesion, and corrosion resistance. The 3003 aluminum foil produced is exported to many countries and regions around the world. Welcome to consult and buy!

Mingtai 3003 Aluminum Foil Manufacturers
Henan Mingtai Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd is the first batch of 3003 aluminum foil manufacturers to enter the international market in China. So far Mingtai Al. has more than 23 years of experience in the international market and has strong financial strength. There are three  major production bases in gongyi city, zhengzhou city and xingyang city of henan province, covering an area of 1.3 million square meters. Therefore, the annual output of Mingtai 1235 aluminum foil and other products can reach 700,000 tons, exported to North America, South America, Southeast Asia, Oceania, Middle East, East Asia, Western Europe and other more than 100 countries and regions to meet the huge demand of global buyers!

Mingtai 3003 Aluminum Foil Manufacturers Supply 3003 alloy Applications and Features:
1.The Mn element is added to make the aluminum foil have antirust performance.
2.Good moldability, adhesion and corrosion resistance, it is an excellent material for manufacturing electronic foil.
3.Non-toxic and odorless, safe and hygienic. Aluminum foil is widely used as packaging material after compound, printing and gluing.
4. Aluminum is a recyclable metal, which can be processed after being scrapped and can be put back into use.
5.It also has excellent moisture-proof performance, light-shielding and extremely high barrier ability.
As people's demand for electronic products becomes more and more extensive, which promotes the rapid growth of the electronic information industry, emerging electronic products are emerging endlessly, so the demand for aluminum electrolytic capacitors is also increasing. The production bases of aluminum electrolytic capacitors in many countries are transferring to China, which promotes the rapid development of electronic foil processing industry in China. Therefore, as the raw material of electronic foil, 3003 aluminum foil will have a good market prospect. Due to the good formability of 3003 aluminum foil, it is also widely used in aviation meal boxes.. It can also be used as an aluminum honeycomb core.

Case study of from 3003 aluminum foil manufacturer - Mingtai aluminum
This is exciting news! It is because of the extremely mature and professional production technology of Mingtai Al. and the solid product knowledge of Mingtai people. At the beginning of this year, a buyer from one of the biggest printing and labeling companies in Turkey, directly purchased from us 17 mic 3003 aluminum foil, use to produce a folio to cover disposable food package! This is the greatest affirmation for the quality of Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil!

Quotation from Mingtai 3003 Aluminum Foil Manufacturers
3003 Aluminum Foil Manufacturers
Here, we found high-quality enterprises like Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil manufacturers. So, isn't the price of 3003 aluminum foil high? In fact, This is not the case. Mingtai Al. is adjacent to the bauxite producing area, with its own power plant and large-scale production. In general, the 3003 aluminum foil price can be 30% lower than its peers! What are you hesitating about? Welcome to send us an e-mail to (sales@mingtai-al.com) tell the temper, specifications, and uses you need, and we will provide you with the most suitable purchase solution and quotation! 

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