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Mingtai Al. as large container aluminium foil factory, have three production bases located in gongyi, zhengzhou, xingyang, physical factory area of 1.3 million square meters. Here, Mingtai container aluminium foil can be widely used in various sectors of the food industry. They are appreciated for food packaging but also serving or storing ready meals. In addition, container aluminium foil are flexible and hygienic.. It is popular in the United States, Korea, Japan, Europe and other developed countries! 

Moreover,container aluminium foil is a highly reusable material for many cycles, aluminium foil storage containers don’t damage the environment when recycled carefully, this product is made according to high quality standards approved by the international community. This is a prerequisite to make sure aluminium food containers are reliable and safe in homes as well as in procedures managed in the big food companies. We have invested over twenty years of activity to promote a product with excellent properties!
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Common applies alloy for container aluminum foil with Alloy 8011/8006/3003/3004 





Tensile strength(Mpa)

























1.7 - 28 %

Features of container aluminium foil factory supply container aluminum :

Consumers like the value, dependability and versatility of aluminium foil food containers. Unique in the processing and packaging of human and pet foods, they combine all the features needed to deliver high quality fresh, wholesome and quickly accessed products.

Aluminium foil containers stay bright and reflective throughout processing and marketing. They can be embossed, colour lacquered or printed with brand identifying designs and colours both inside and out.

Why choose Mingtai container aluminium foil factory?

1. The Power. Mingtai container aluminium foil factory have more than 20 years of mature aluminum foil production technology. In addition, There are 1650 mm high performance foil rolling mill 6 sets, 1600 mm heavy coiler 1 set, 1300 mm-1850 mm high precision slitting machine 8 sets, etc. With an annual capacity of 650,000 tons to meet the huge demand of global purchasers!

2. Quality. Product quality is tested for the reliability of all container aluminium foil factory. Pure gold is not afraid of fire. The container aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Al. conforms to the requirements of international food-grade packaging materials, with the surface reaching grade A, clean, no oil and foreign matter. And through a number of bacteria, mold and other tests, the heavy metal content does not exceed 0.025 parts per million, to ensure the safety and health of container aluminum foil.

3. Service. It is worth mentioning that Mingtai container aluminium foil factory have four core service teams. There are 7*24*365 days online customer service q&a team, one to one sales support team, professional production and manufacturing team, as well as housekeeper after-sales service team, for you to create a 360° carefree shopping experience!

4. Price. As we all know, the current container aluminium foil manufacturers are uneven, container aluminum foil price is also a lot of difference. However, Mingtai container aluminum foil factories and manufacturers direct sales, no middlemen earn price difference, transparent and fair, let you buy rest assured!
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That's great news! The Mingtai container aluminum foil manufacturers are adjacent to the bauxite producing area and have their own power plant for large-scale production. Therefore, Mingtai container aluminum foil price is 30% lower than its peers! If you are interested in our products, do not hesitate to click on the right online customer service, or email us to ( tell us your requirements, free quotation! 

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